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28 Mar. 1983

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The computer numerically controlled (CNC) router shown on these pages reflects the result from several design iterations, with the goal being a CNC router that is inexpensive, can be built by a do-it-yourself (DIY) hobbyiest, and is stout enough to be used in a modest production environment.
My previous CNC routers were of steel and aluminum construction; these were great designs but required metal working tools, something not found in the typical woodworking shop. This Instructable is the first in a series documenting the construction of a DIY 3 axis CNC router.
Developed jointly wtih Fine Line Automation, CNC Router Parts presents the following plans FREE for download. These plans include everything you need for a complete 3' x 2' travel machine, including 3D schematics, a comprehensive parts list, and a primer on how to read the plans.

Please see our Tips and Tricks for Machine Construction for pointers to help make the construction of your machine go more smoothly!
This is also my entry for the Universal Laser Cutter Contest.The goal of this Instructable is not to show a full step by step progression but rather to pass along my experiences with making my own CNC. I designed this machine for the sculpture department to primarily cut soft material (foam, wax, some plastic and wood). I choose these plans a jumping off point - extracting what I needed and adding to the design to fit my needs.
I really like the dual lead screw design - it has given us a lot of flexibility to have a movable table underneath the machine.

Linear motion control, next to the drive train, is often the most expensive system on a CNC device and the Solsylva plans present a simple yet elegant solution to cutting the cost of linear movement buy using roller skate bearings, angle iron, and EMT conduit.
This was the first 2D project to come out of the machine - It sits as a trophy next to our controller computer.

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