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When Buffalo Lumber got ready to select a preferred wood finish to recommend to our customers I tried to think of what is really most important to wood lovers (as I know them). We are sticking with this Oil-Based science based on the core belief that OIL is better for wood than WATER. We got into all this so we could be more successful at what we do best which is reconditioning and restoring wood surfaces. Water is woods worst enemy and protecting against water related problems is the number one job of all wood finishes. The problem with water-based film forming finishes is that they are prone to chipping, flaking and peeling as they are not malleable enough to move with the wood during seasonal size changes. Another problem with water based, film forming, finishes is they can actually trap moisture inside the wood promoting rot.
Having been in and around the lumber business most of my life I knew that most wood experts say oil is better than water when it comes to wood finish.
The general reason being that wood will move and breathe in relation to moisture levels in the air. But you can usually guarantee that anything that works exceptionally well for its specific purpose is probably bad for the environment.
This is all well and good and kudos for environmental consciousness however most wood lovers still want and need performance.
The problem is these water-based stains still had the film forming performance issues highlighted above. To understand the difference between water-based and water-borne we had to break down our understanding of wood finish into 2 parts. The industry does seem to agree on one thing- penetrating finishes are better than film forming. We have yet to conduct our own tests (which we will very soon) however our research suggests that most water borne stains do not penetrate as much as they would like us to believe. Some are using the term "Semi-penetrating" which still leaves quite a bit of room for interpretation.
This brings us to Timber Ox Green and why we decided to recommend their wood stain as the best Green product that performs as a wood stain NEEDS to.
In the beginning the high performance wood finish they fomulated met government standards but was not designed to be environmentally friendly. We did not get into the business to sell stain we got in the business because we are a wood restoration company and we needed something that worked! Not only did TimberOX produce a wood stain that was all natural ECO Friendly, it also met their personal rigorous performance standards AND did not cause the wife to react.
Timber Ox provides a 5 year minimum warranty on their wood siding stain where most petroleum based stains say 2-5 years as needed (as needed is fine print for 2 years or less depending on conditions). Timber Ox green saves the headache of frequent maintenance (literally- the orange citrus aromas emitted by the stain allow users to be high on life not the fumes of their finish). They achieved this by using natural plant oils instead of Petroleum which has dominated the market and endangered the environment for years.
When we first interviewed TimberOx Green they said their firm belief as wood restoration experts was that oil based products penetrate and perform better than water. Our research and experience bears that out and shows a definite need for environmentally friendly products that actually do the job they were meant to do.

Based on our own industry experience Buffalo Lumber agrees that "Oil is better than water" for wood finishes and it is nice to have an option that is kind to Mother Nature.
We are happy to be able to offer our wood loving customers a viable performance option with a guilt free conscience.
Timber OX® GREEN's DEEP Penetrating OIL BASED Wood Stain -An Environmentally friendly LOW VOC wood finish that actually WORKS! Designer Melody Jackson contacted us to source redwood lumber and soffit for her customer Dale Torok's Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. The Design - it started out as a horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment built on the 2nd floor. The Home Owner had originally decided to go with sheet rock on the interior but after doing the research online decided on wood paneling. People always say it like that means some less expensive lower grade of wood is fine because they are going to be painting the wood. For varnish brush clean-up, dunk the entire brush into paint or lacquer thinner in a clean bucket, working the brush against the bottom of the pail. When covering large areas like a wood ceiling, nothing works quite as well as an oil-based stain.
Staining anything is messy by nature, and this is no truer than when staining a wood ceiling. Oil-based wood stains are best applied with natural-bristle applicators, and brushes in varying sizes are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. Starting in one section, apply an even application of stain to the ceiling, being careful not to apply too thin of a coat or too much.
In order for the oil to be carried by the water the oils are technically modified at the cellular level to mix with the water solvent. We used most of the finish products on the market but we never found one that fully worked for us.
Planet preserving wood lovers were hard pressed to find products that perform as well as their environmentally hazardous counter parts UNTIL NOW! Timber Ox Green allows us to love and protect our wood and sleep like a baby at night knowing Mother Nature is proud of us. They needed an exterior finish that could stand up to the elements and their customer satisfaction guarantees.
What they developed was a deep penetrating, oil based performance product that also happens to be environmentally friendly. He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain. Our DISCOUNT log siding is for the rustic customer looking for the cheapest way to cover their home or cabin with cedar log siding and still have something very nice to show for their money and effort. I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left. Tung oil is used mainly on furniture, cabinets, interior doors, and trim, and is very easy to apply, recoat and maintain.
You will need a high gloss tung oil, staining sponges (small sponge covered with terry cloth), clean cotton rags, and a cut bucket.
Clean yourself if needed with thinner, Windex (cuts the smell of thinner), dish soap and water.

To protect the rest of the room from drips or splatters, start by removing every piece of furniture from the space if possible. Start by sanding the entire ceiling with fine grit sandpaper, preferably between 150 and 220 grit.
While it may be tempting to use a roller for time’s sake, it can make it difficult to achieve an even coat, causing pooling where the brush first touches the ceiling and requiring a back-and-forth motion that can create undesirable lines in the finished project. She has published thousands of articles for various websites and clients, specializing in home renovation, DIY projects, gardening and travel. While polyurethane is a synthetic material, tung oil stain is organic and made from the pressed seed extract of the tung tree. A brush gives you more control over the product, allowing you to work it into the wood thoroughly and evenly. As you work, wipe away any excess stain from each area, trying to keep the length of time between applications and wiping the same for the entire ceiling as you work. This article compares the two in terms of pros and cons, application and equipment, maintenance and clean-up. It can be applied to both raw and newly stained wood, or over older varnish if the wood is thoroughly sanded. Cover the floor with plastic, as well as any hanging light fixtures or ceiling fans that you cannot or do not want to remove; for the best results, fixtures should be removed so you can stain all the way up to the opening in the ceiling, rather than working around the base of the fixture.
When wiping away excess stain, always wipe with the grain: Using a circular motion can result in awkward patterns in the stain and unevenness in the finished color. For maintenance, a dry rag wipe down is enough (but never use a wax spray because it will prevent reapplication).
Finish up by slapping the brush back and forth over a corner of a clean board, and work a dry rag through the bristles a final time. To clean the bucket, wipe it out with a rag and thinner, and give it a final wash with dish soap and warm water.
Wood conditioner, which is applied before stain, can make the ceiling absorb the stain more evenly as well as rehabilitate dry wood. Once the ceiling is dry, apply a clear, oil-based top coat to protect the stain and the wood.
Do not let tung oil dry more than five minutes before removing excess oil with one rag and then again with a second dry rag, polishing hard until the surface becomes slick.
Certain types of wood, such as pine, maple and oak, require that you apply wood conditioner first, as the natural knots and uneven grain in these types of wood make getting an even finish without the conditioner difficult.
Ensure that everything is completely dry before rehanging fixtures and cleaning up the room.
The biggest drawback for varnish is that it will eventually crack or peel, and water and mold can discolor the wood beneath. After sanding, apply wood conditioner if necessary to the entire ceiling according to the manufacturer directions.
Later coats can be applied at any time to renew the luster after light cleaning with a rag dampened in paint thinner.

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