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10 Aug. 2005

Clear lacquer for wood floors,plywood 18mm price india,build patio furniture pallets - .

Lacquer finishes attract insects, so make sure any open windows have screens to prevent bugs flying in and sticking to the wet lacquer. Upon completion of each individually crafted piece, the mango vase is then coated with a clear lacquer finish to protect its natural beauty. Like with many tall vases, this mango wood floor vase will look good in most types of interior space. Lacquer is made of solids suspended in an evaporative base; the solids are what seal the floor after the base has evaporated. These vases make ideal decorative accent details as well as providing a holder for flowers and dried branches. A lacquer finish works not only as a sealant but also as a crystal-clear, hard finish that enhances the beauty of the wood.
The solids are either acrylic or nitrocellulose; acrylic-based lacquer is the more durable of the two and is recommended for floor applications.

If the floor has an existing finish or the wood is rough, you may need to use a vibrating sander to remove the finish and smooth the wood. Applying the lacquer if the humidity is too high may result in “blushing” – white areas within the dry lacquer where moisture is trapped. Evaporated solvents are heavier than air; they settle near the floor and may become a flammable layer of fumes. The Thai artisans use special hand-lathing and hand-turning techniques which result in unique and renowned mango wood floor vase designs. In my personal and professional view, this wood floor vase is best used to provide an accompaniment to dried plants such as lavender, grasses and curly willow branches.
Despite its beauty as a finish, lacquer is not very forgiving and will not hide rough wood, gouges or imperfections. When using solvent-based lacquers, turn off pilot lights and extinguish any ignition sources.

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The presence of dust will ruin the lacquer finish, so vacuum the room thoroughly to remove the sanding dust. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for drying time and recoat instructions; some lacquers require sanding between coats, while others require recoating within a specific time window. Read the safety precautions on both water-based and solvent-based products; solvent-based lacquers in particular pose health dangers. When applying the lacquer, start at the farthest corner of the room and work toward the exit.

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