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CLICK HERE for more views of our feeder and how you can make one yourself at very little cost. The flock contains from six to ten birds (and more if well supplied with feed), some juveniles, some paired adults, and some single adults.
These expressions of dominance are best seen in crowded feeding conditions, such as those around a backyard feeder.
The article "Chickadees In Winter" is a free adaption from "A Guide to Bird Behavior," Donald Stokes, Little Brown, 1979 and "Brainy Chickadees Shun 'Snowbird' Label," by Ned Rozell, Alaska Science Forum, October 26, 1995, Article #1258; Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks. For a one-page well written account of Chickadee natural history, range, reproduction, social adaptations. The culmination of many years observing and feeding our native Northcountry chickadees, our Black-capped Chickadee Bird Feeder is designed for maximum comfort for the feeding birds and improved convenience and viewing pleasure for the human provider.

Hierarchical and aggressive in the winter flocking situation, birds will feed only one at a time from commercial bird feeders. Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition.
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Model-H2O-2.5g, a recycled water container, well suited for feeding several birds at a time and utterly simple, was difficult to refill. Inexpensive and easily available, sunflower seeds are just the right size for the chickadees to hold upright in their claws and crack open with their beaks. CLICK HERE for Feeding Birds in Winter: The Black-capped Chickadee, to learn about their social behavior and aptations.

Other birds wait until the more dominant ones are through, sometimes approaching and then veering off without perching on the feeder. Our four-sided, high-walled feeder enables birds to alight and feed on three sides of the feeder and it is common for 2 or 3 to be feeding at the same time, the approach of each individual shielded from the view of the others. There's pleasure, too, in the knowledge that well-fed chickadees survive the rigors of Winter and reproduce more successfully in the Spring. It is not fixed to the base, so cleaning is easy, and the large opening with the top removed facilitates filling the feeder quickly.

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