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22 Nov. 1992

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Just like in chest pain, heart pain is commonly experienced within the chest and sometimes in the upper abdomen area of the body. Pectoris angina s a severe pain felt in the chest area of the body, caused by a lack of the blood supply that gives tissues the oxygen the body needs. As we age, we begin to notice the effects of eating the wrong kinds of food when we were young. Chest pain is a typical symptom experienced when you feel discomfort or pain in the frontal area of your body between your upper abdomen and your neck. Experiencing chest pain after eating is a good sign that you have either eaten too much or you have eaten the wrong kind of food. Acid reflux is mucosal damage suffered through chest pain when the acid from the stomach goes up to the esophagus.
In most cases, a pain experienced in the middle area of chest is perceived as a heart problem. It can be felt as a more severe and prolonged heart pain that could kill anyone with just one attack. It could be illustrated by any kind of pain or discomfort in your neck or abdomen and may occur at anytime. However, according to clinical studies, there are many reasons to consider why a person is experiencing chest pain after eating.

It is well described as an open wound which develops inside the lining of the digestive tract due to bacterial infection, causing a person to experience chest pain soon after eating.
Although heart problems can be very vague, it could be Angina or a heart attack which is causing the pain. By letting unhealthy food get into your body like junk food, oily food, alcohol and the like, you could absorb the wrong nutrients, which are then distributed all over your body and possibly causing you to experience chest pain. This pain or discomfort is mostly experienced by middle-aged people who may be dealing with unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or heart or lung problems.
A lack of blood and oxygen flowing to the heart will produce a chest pain that may spread to the arm, shoulder, jaw or back. Perhaps they think that everything is fine and healthy until, that is, they experience discomfort or pain in their body.
Another heart problem that causes chest pain is when there is a tear in the wall of the aorta; the large blood vessel that takes the blood from the heart to the rest of the body. However, there are some factors that affect the health of our heart and cause heart pain after we eat. Heart pain due to heart attack is mostly felt in the centre area of the chest, spreading over both arms, especially on the left side and up to the lower jaw. These healthy foods will all help to protect you from experiencing heart pain and other heart diseases.

One of the common pains that most people will feel at some point is chest pain after eating. These include eating the wrong kinds of food and in excessive amounts, which can lead to heart and chest pain after we eat. Food that is starchy, fatty and high in bad cholesterol may block the flow of the blood to the heart, causing us to feel heart pain. If you have already experienced a very unusual chest pain after having a meal then maybe you want to switch off that bad eating habit of yours. It is alarming to know that an unhealthy diet due to unhealthy eating habits may affect our healthy heart, or worse, our lives.
And because it is high in bad nutrients, it can cause blood pressure and obesity which in the end may result in heart pain or disease.

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