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31 Aug. 1997

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Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from imbalanced hormones and stress to chemical damage to seemingly genetic factors.
Lots of our Optimal Health Network clients struggle with hair loss, so we decided to see if we could stop hair loss and regenerate new hair.
Either use a small glass oil dispenser jar and mix a large batch for future use or mix enough for a single use in a small bowl (use a total of 8-10 drops of essential oil blend per scalp massage). Apply the essential oil recipe to the scalp when the hair is dry for the best distribution.
As shown in the scientific study, this process is not guaranteed to work for everyone or for all types of hair loss. Hi, I'd like to know whether we should apply the essential oil blend before or after we wash our hair. Several months back, when I was showering I noticed that there were quite lot of hair collected at the water drainage sieve in my shower. I started paying more attention to my hair and researched the Internet to try to figure out what are the possible causes of hair loss.
A weakened immune system – this causes the condition called alopecia areata or more commonly called spot baldness where a patch of the scalp gets loses hair and goes bald.

I apply LAVENDER, CEDARWOOD and ROSEMARY over my hair and scalp twice a day, rotating each essential oil on a daily basis.
After 3 months of internal and external treatment, my hair loss has decreased significantly and I am growing more healthy hair now. I also learned that it may take at least 3-4 months to bring back strong and healthy hair growth. Fortunately, there is a chance you can stop hair loss and potentially regenerate new hair with essential oils and scalp massage. Over a seven-month period, the active group massaged an essential oil recipe onto their scalps daily for two minutes. Hay and the research team found that essential oils safely stop hair loss as well as stimulate hair growth. I went from losing about 100 hairs a day to 15 or 20… I am amazed because I am rubbing over a white comforter cover, and I have maybe six hairs fall out.
For example, if you mix a single use with 8-10 drops, you should add 2-3 drops of base oil. Dip fingers into the oil mixture at the beginning of each section and when they become dry.

After reading this blog, I was able to find the study and there is no information on what they did in terms of hair washing.
Hay and a team of researchers from the Department of Dermatology at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary studied the effect of essential oils on 86 patients who suffered from hair loss. My hair's growing a lot faster than it used to and I am slowly starting to get more hair, especially around my hairline.
Also, coconut oil may need to be heated and melted before mixing and before each use if it is kept at a low enough temperature.
Standard Process's Symplex F and protomorphogens and MediHerb's liquid herbs like Ashwaganda and Rehmannia, along with a therapeutic colon cleanse program, will help to balance your overall hormonal levels - pituitary, hypothalamus, progesterone, estrogen, etc - which all play a role in the hair cycle.

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