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25 May. 2007

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We love our cats, but we surely don't love the sanitation issues they create (p-eww!), nor are we fond of the designs of most of the kitty litter boxes out on the market. Kitty Washroom Litterbox Cabinet: If we had a larger bathroom, this is exactly the sort of litterbox we'd like in our place. Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box: This isn't out yet, and despite it's unique Robotech looks, we're curious to see how it performs in keeping odours to a minimum when it's released this fall. Cat Cave: They look like stereo speaker cabinets, but the only sounds emanating from these are of a private nature (our cats certainly give us annoyed looks when we watch them do their business).
Another option is to hide the litter box inside a cabinet or other enclosure that looks like a piece of regular furniture. And finally, if you’re handy, you can DIY a custom cat box enclosure inside a piece of retrofitted furniture or even as part of a built-in cabinet. Since my cats aren’t fan of covered litter boxes I like a hiding in plain sight approach with free standing screens or other objects like a fireplace screen and an antique painted card table that folds flat. Then someone better inform my 6 cats that they shouldn’t like our covered litter boxes!
I only have two cats now, but ALL the cats that have owned me, have never had a problem with a covered litter box. I have unobstructed boxes, completely open, in two bathrooms and one box outside in the catio under a bench but open on the sides. Claims that cats in general do or don’t like one thing or another are generally not based in associating with very many cats.

Those are some attractive and creative designs but I’m not sure if either of my cats would be comfortable using a covered or enclosed box.
And it’s also been proven that cats like privacy when they go, so having their own area to do so is benefical, not always harmful. Please consider your cats’ respiratory health and stay away from these covered litter boxes. I tend to agree that cats like uncovered litter boxes, but I have one cat who sprays, rather than peeing. Just put a high false floor in a storage closet, and use the space underneath it for the litter box. With multiple cats, a covered box really needs two entries — they get territorial about their toileting and getting trapped in the box when another cat tries to enter can be traumatic and lead to out-of-the-box habits. There are all kinds of cabinets designed specifically to hold a litter box, ranging in style from traditional to modern.
Remember, you need one litter box per cat, plus one more, in order to keep everyone happy, and it’s best to place them far away from each other.
Would love to see more work on this topic though as the “covered litter box = bad” sacred cow is pretty pervasive and I would love to have a more definitive, scientifically supported answer!
I just disabled the latch on the closet door and put a little bar up at the top corner of the door so it never closed fully. Note: if your vent is placed at the back, be sure to allow space from the wall for air to flow in.

On the floor way in the back are two litter boxes, automated water fountain and an automated feeder.
Top entry boxes maybe good for some cats, but not for senior cats or cats with mobility issues. You have cat access from the house for the cat and human access through the closet door in the garage, for cleaning.
Yes, my Out of Sight Litter Box may seam expensive to some, or most people, but cat owners understand.
Also, consider the size of an enclosed litter box and make sure your cat has plenty of room to turn around inside.
For less than a dollar a day, you no longer will have to sweep and clean up tracked litter from all over your home.
Finally, make sure to keep the litter box clean, including the inside of the cover and sides, which may require a regular deep cleaning.

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