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26 May. 1995

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Perfect for warmer climates this carport plan includes step-by-step instructions and a complete list of materials.
Located at the rear of this plan are two lockable storage closets each with convenient double door access. With a simple and conservative design, this two-car carport satisfies not only parking needs, but it can be utilized for a variety of other uses.
If you want to add sheltered parking to your home without the expense of building a garage, consider this featured, 2-car carport plan with storage space. View our entire collection of carport plans to find the one this will best accommodate your needs. If you are only looking for sheltered parking to protect your car for the elements, a carport will probably be a good solution. Carports are relatively inexpensive to build in comparison to other alternatives such as building a garage with garage blueprints. The carport will achieve your main goal, protecting your car from sun, hail, wind and debris during storms. Larger designs are flexible and can be used for storing boats, farm machinery and other equipment.
Carport plans to not offer protection on all four sides as they usually have one or two open sides.
Due to their typical small nature, there will not be room for a workbench or storage cabinets as you might find with a garage. Because there are usually open sides, carports do not offer the best storage for items that cannot get wet.

The open sides do not protect against wildlife and critters that might find their way under your carport and under your car. Carports cannot be locked so they are not good for storing tools or basement and attic overflow as with a garage. Keep these thoughts in mind when making a decision to purchase a carport plan or build a carport. With the right set up, a carport can do so much more that just protect our automobiles from the elements. While a carport my seem like a very basic shelter when comparing its function and structure to that of a garage plan designed for the same purpose, protecting automobiles from the elements, it is important to note there is still much to consider before choosing a carport plan. Being supported by six 6’’ posts, this carport is sturdy enough to protect vehicles from the elements, eliminating that voice in the back of your head asking if you remembered to roll up your windows. But before you make a final decision to add a carport to your property, review the pros and cons of carports listed below.
The Garage Plan Shop has provided a list of tips to consider before selecting a carport design to add to your property. While you may be focused on finding a design that matches the style of your home, concentrate your attention on quality construction, stability and durability. In addition to cars, the shelter can also be used to protect other motorized vehicles or machinery, such as farm equipment, which are often subjected to nasty weather conditions because of limited garage or storage space.
Furthermore, two storage spaces provide enough room to store lawn and garden tools, ice scrapers, extra window washer fluid, and the like. If your carport has at least one solid wall, you can easily install storage cabinets on the wall at eye level or higher as not to interfere with the cars when parked inside.

Some carport plans provide an option to connect the sheltered parking area to the home via a convenient breezeway.
Also allow room for walking between vehicles if you plan to park more than one under the carport.
Going beyond vehicles, this carport is capable of serving as a pavilion, providing an environment in which barbeques, celebrations, and gatherings can continue despite what Mother Nature has planned.
Both storage areas offer double door access making it easy to store and access bulky and large items.
The parking area is large enough for two cars and is designed to be a used as a drive-thru facility if the lot allows drive-thru accessibility.
Some home owners may opt to build this carport for use as a covered patio for outdoor living instead of sheltered parking. Installing cabinets in your carport increases functionality and optimizes the usefulness of the space. Practical, stylish and flexible, this carport plan with storage makes a valuable addition to any home.

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