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19 Sep. 1985

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Today, the United Kingdom and Australia together host over 200 natural burial locations; in the US we have sadly, only twenty.
Biodegradable coffins, also known as green caskets, come in a multitude of styles and materials. Thank you for taking into account some of the simple choices you can make that will add up to great change.
Thank you, I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve found out so far.
Just a few hundred kilometres down under, Australians have been a little slow in adapting to the idea of e-commerce. IBISWorld’s annual report on Australia’s e-commerce sector shows online sales growing at 24.1% between 2009 and 2014. The gap between Australia’s e-commerce spend and the rest of the developed world is huge – but instead of seeing an empty space, we see room to grow. It’s just completed a spate of acquisitions of small and medium sized Australian online retailers covering consumer electronics, homewares, kitchenwares and even baby products! The next step is to bring them all together and create Australia’s ultimate online department store – a one stop shop where online consumers can find anything and everything they want and buy it with the simple click of a button.
Shoply Limited (ASX:SHP) is an Australian online shopping and advertising company with a market cap of around $9M. Domenic Carosa is on the Board – when Domenic was 25 he became Australia’s youngest publicly listed CEO in Australian history.
SHP is embracing online commerce lock, stock and barrel with a clever strategy of snapping up small and medium scale internet retailers in the growing Australian online market place.
Your Home Depot is a bustling online business that sells everything you could possibly need in the modern kitchen.
Your Home Depot was built up by a couple from Hong Kong who took it from a bricks and mortar shop to an online success story. Enter SHP who was more than happy to buy the owners out and take Your Home Depot to the next level. In the following section we will run you through why we have added SHP to our portfolio, as they lay out their vision for the future of Australia’s e-commerce sector. SHP’s strategy is to use all of its online retail acquisitions, especially Your Home Depot, to establish a solid base of revenue and grow their online presence and sales.
The reason SHP can snap up so many quality online retailers for milk money is that it is a relatively easy process to get involved in online retail. Australia is one of the last nations in the world with a highly developed economy that still has a largely untapped e-commerce sector. IBISWorld reckons there are over 38,000 businesses selling things online in Australia and more and more are joining the party with enterprise numbers growing at a rate of 16.3%. Over 65s in Australia spend more than their children and grandchildren – notching up the fastest growth rate in online spending than any other demographic.
The vast majority of Australia’s e-commerce sales are done in the east, especially in New South Wales, the most populous state in Australia where SHP expects to do lots if business. In ten years’ time e-commerce could be the dominant form of retail in Australia with the old bricks and mortar department stores like David Jones struggling to compete with the massive online retailers who don’t have to pay rent for a shop front.

SHP’s vision is to create Australia’s ultimate online department store; something that will give the slow moving old bricks and mortar companies such as Myer and David Jones a real run for their money. That’s why SHP is buying as many online retailers as it can – to absorb their volumes of sales, customers and inventory.
SHP has snapped up five Australian online retailers in the past ten months plus a bunch of website domain names… judging by SHP’s business model we would expect more to be announced over the coming months. SHP paid $2.85M in cash for Your Home Depot’s assets which includes a high turnover stock inventory, 130,000 customers and $13M in revenue. Plus, it got Your Home Depot’s supply chain infrastructure in New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, and the biggest state market for online shopping. But the gist of it is Your Home Depot is a leading online retailer of kitchenware, homeware and home appliances founded in 2003 with over 3,000 items on sale. The Your Home Depot acquisition is the icing on a cake SHP has been baking for the past 10 months. It’s snapped up four small scale online retailers to build a solid base and with the addition of Your Home Depot it’s got a big serving ready to go.
A domain name, in case you are a time traveller from the 1940s, is another term for a website address. But in the future it will be a pure play online shopping store where all of its online brands, Ohki, Ezy Direct, Your Home Depot, Wow Baby, Eljo and soon many more will be available in one place. By viral, we mean one customer can quickly turn into ten customers and then a hundred and then a thousand in the blink of any eye. Over at The Next Start Up we’re investing in a social commerce website called Alphatise that is built around the unsurpassed capability of the internet to grow business at supercharged speeds. There are many well established bricks and mortar department stores in Australia and they are moving online – slowly. We reckon this is a winning strategy- especially now SHP has acquired supply chains in both Victoria and New South Wales through its purchase of online retailers like Your Home Depot. One missed delivery, one failed sale because of a lack of stock, one hot product not on offer – that’s the very thing that can kill an online retailer.
Learn how to build a handmade casket for a green funeral, includes step-by-step instructions, a plywood primer and detailed diagrams in the image gallery. Maxwell has been helping people renovate, build and maintain their homes for more than two decades. We can live with heightened awareness of how we affect others and the interconnectedness of all.
You can go to my website and find directions of how to build your own wooden casket that serves as bookshelves until you are ready to repurpose it to be a casket! When I imagine eight Olympic-sized swimming pools full of embalming fluid being buried every year in this nation it inspires me to be a change maker; I hope it will inspire you also! Do everything you can to understand what his thought process is, and you will have won half the battle. As a young whiz kid he built his company Destra to annual revenues over $100m, with Lachlan Murdoch as a shareholder.
It focusses on high end kitchen products – hence the $12M in revenue from Australia’s growing army of foodies who spend $2.3BN on homewares and home appliances!

Add that to the revenues and customers bases it’s already got with its other acquisitions and you can see the trend that’s developing. From there, SHP could branch out into other areas like cosmetics, groceries and liquor so it has total coverage of the digital market in Australia. This is the organic part of SHP’s retail strategy, allowing the development of its own sites in addition to the ones it simply buys. If you would like an introduction to our broker for SHP – just fill in your details below and we well pass them directly to the broker.
We are just making an introduction here, the information you provide in this form will be sent to the broker so they can contact you and have a basic idea of your investment profile. It says media, department stores and groceries are the major online spends in Australia and the market is being driven by people aged between 25 and 54.
By pursuing its strategy of growth and acquisition while the Australian e-commerce sector is still relatively small, it’s setting itself up as a pioneer online retailer.
You can look for anything and find it – and as SHP brings more and more online retailers with all their different products under its digital roof it will be able to offer almost limitless freedom of choice to its online customers.
So the big battleground is volume, selling as much as you possibly can – something made easier if you have more than one place to sell your stuff from. Your Home Depot made a profit of $780K in FY2013 so you can see it’s a lucrative market to target.
Your Home Depot, Eljo, Ezy Direct and Ohki each have inventory and customers who can be funnelled into this coming website.
SHP is steadily acquiring online retailers so it can cover all the products that a customer would want to buy.
As it moves to take full advantage of the upswing in Australian e-commerce this is a skill that should set it apart from the rest and allow it to compete at the highest levels.
Metal or hardwood caskets and steel reinforced concrete grave liners are options people can choose to go without.
Global positioning satellites can allow us to have marker free graves, while precisely locating and visiting our loved ones. These coffins do not use a vault — cement or otherwise — and everything, including the hardware and lining, is completely natural. This can be added to approximate existing cash reserves, which as of the end of the last quarter stood at $2.84M. It can snap up the little success stories of the Australian internet and add them to its own tale.
Online retailers were probably popping champagne corks when NAB announced Australia’s e-commerce spend went through $15BN. Plus, IBIS says the younger demographics in Australia are more likely to spend their time and money online – and every day there are more and more young people entering the online retail space. I believe in educating families that at-home-after-death-care is their legal right, and I help empower individuals and families to make educated choices around their final act–especially how small choices can create amazing change when it comes to greening our final act in this world.

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