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21 Jan. 1987

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Today figure maker Pastor Scott Bryte also uses pine in his masterful creations where Conrad Hartz uses Basswood. If you have never seen Basswood take a trip to Walmart s craft section or a craft store. Basswood is often used where a wood is needed to hold or contain a food product as it does not impart a flavor to the food.
In fact Poplar is very similar to Basswood and also carves and holds detail well although the grain is more pronounced, it is heavier and harder and varies in color from almost white to yellow, green and may have streaks of purple, red or brown or all three. The very tight unpronounced straight grain make Basswood great for carving fine detail and it is much lighter than most other hardwoods making it great for ventriloquist figures.
With properly sharpened carving tools Basswood, particularly if it has been air dried for 2 or 3 years , carves wonderfully even across the grain.

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Basswood (Tilia americana) is a fairly soft wood, preferred for carving and is easy to work. If you get a chance to handle some basswood you will see that it has a good weight but you can easily cut into it with your fingernail. The reason for this is that basswood has a very tight grain but is rather soft and there for lends itself to the carving knife.
In figure I made only basswood used is pulley for mouth string inside the head, and teak lever on the headstick to operate mouth also in honor of Frank Marshall .
Europeans sometimes call it American lime because it bears some carving similarities to European lime (Tilia vulgaris).

I made two fishing lures yesterday from aromatic red cedar, also very easy to work and forgiving, and love the smell, guess the bass do too. Also, I made several handles for archery bow this way and learned early on to work center of the stick and heart of the wood, which is the inner, softer part of the tree.
It seldom warps after seasoning, making it close to ideal for larger pieces, as well as great for smaller carvings.

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