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15 Mar. 2009

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To start building things in Rust you will have to rely on your survival, you will need to plan and execute perfectly. Make sure, if you are planning for the top floors to be bigger than the bottom floors, to include space for all the foundations (wood or metal) to allow space for all the pillars, you need for the ceilings.
It’s no secret that the Rust Belt has proven to be fertile ground for creative urban play. The first thing I saw that truly impressed wasn’t even a building, it was what was around the building.
If this makes Rust sound like a surprisingly contemplative experience, it certainly can be and often is.
There’s so much in Rust, despite its rough-and-ready state, to talk about – how successful raiding parties quickly turn into hoarding parties, how depressing it is to come back to your house and find it cleaned out (robbing bastards). But Rust is, despite the many positives, an incredibly early version of what could be a fantastic game.
What it comes down to, and I think this applies to most early access games, is you have to be time-rich and patient to get at Rust’s golden core. Anyway, about Rust: as a social scientist, I find this game and DayZ fascinating as laboratory experiments.
One interesting thing here is how rare it is that players actually make attempts at large-scale organizing on a community level.
Though I’m not a fan of it you could even find a way to emulate children and a desire to protect new players.
Obviously, nothing is ever going to stop the griefing, but after spending some time with the DayZ standalone, I do think that there are multiple things that could be done to discourage the standard shoot-on-sight style of play.
The few times I played DayZ (I already owned ArmA 2) I mostly died after being chased around by gigantic swarms of zombies. Yeah and chess is unbalanced when you only have your king left and the other player still has half their pieces. Planned features include sharing your designs to with the community, which is a lovely touch, and a group editing mode.
Rust is gaining a fair few celebrities, and because being famous is competitive sport, they met up to fight.

You need to know how the objects are build, construct yourself a building shack out of a wood shelter, a wood door, a workbench, a sleeping bag, a campfire and a furnace.
At the moment you could say that the game’s core elements are in place, primarily the enormous Rust Island. And in fact this is a minor theme in Rust, and gives the world almost an ancient quality – the vast majority of structures you come across, great and small, will be abandoned.
But it also suffers from the same sort of behaviour that any PvP-focused game does, not least the enormous amount of players who enjoy blowing away newbies on sight.
That means what is good about it has to be taken in concert with the fact that some elements can bug out (I built one house that killed me every time I respawned in it), some are to be removed (those incredibly frustrating zombies), and many subsidiary elements of the world are placeholder. You HAVE to work together, or you die, so the game attracts people who want to work together, and consequently has a really quite lovely player community. Yes, it’s PVP, but a gunfight between players will bring scary aliens to investigate. I keep thinking that larger mobs of more threatening zombies could potentially inspire more cooperation among players.
That’s really the one worthwhile lesson we can learn from games like DayZ, Rust, EVE, etc.
Otherwise, as chess is the penultimate in leveling the playing field, it doesn’t make much sense. Everyone has the potential to get the same stuff, so everyone’s on an even playing field. I really enjoy playing the good guy in a game filled with is a true joy to help the battered and stop the bandits. Banditry is an emergent effect, and I imagine with enough will in the community you could play it very differently, with a society carving out villages, running bus services, etc. You need to choose an area that is isolated from the road and is hidden from plain view, or an area that is easily defensible from raids from other players. Though it features small towns, and isolated hangars and concrete blocks dot the landscape, Rust Island is a place of empty plains and enormous mountain ranges. A giant wooden gate blocked off the main entrance, while openings led into further openings and dead-ends that, I noticed, could be seen from the windows of the central building.

One abandoned building I explored featured a large central staircase, which suddenly terminated at the top over a large pit. The second time, I watched from afar as three tooled-up groups of players fought for control; then as the victors examined their spoils, scavenged the nearest corpses and ran away like a hero. The newbie is assigned at random and they get some sort of benefit, but there’s also a significant detriment if that player is killed within their first month or so of playing. I was quite successful at avoiding being killed by actual players, but the zombies fairly reliably got me.
MrStonar imagined some new ladder designs and a flagpole, AKTE-KEAT came up with a Rusty telescope, and BlueSkilly thinks the painting tool could be used to customise guns and ammo. The developer-constructed buildings are sparse, because the whole point is for players on each server to construct the world as they see fit. These contain top-quality items, the kind of things you don’t just find lying around, and so any player nearby makes a dash for them.
It’ll be interesting to compare and contrast how both of these games develop in regards to player behavior.
This preamble is to introduce you to the Rust Building Planner, a 2D tool that allows you to plan a base without even entering a server.
As you can see, you can design some complicated spaces with it, and even use it to practice placing furnaces and the like. We need a game like Rust or DayZ implementing a system where the cooperation potential with another player is a lot more valuable than stealing their backpacks. So to all you care bears out there please stop your whining and accept the fact that this is a hard game and you will need to play smarter or die.

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