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02 Nov. 1992

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Thanks AJ, I am trying to heat a 20 x 25 garage, I really had not thought about adding any thermal mass because I did not want to loose the space, but after reading your question I got to thinking that space is already being used because I cannot put anything there when the heater is running.
Well I have no ingenious idea's and its hard to say since im not sure what your working on in your garage.
Hi Allen, that door goes to the outside, and yes this garage is attached to the house, the house door is at the other end and across the garage. I Think you may be correct with the amount of heat that is behind the stove and the wall behind it may be plenty warm.
From a sales standpoint, the stove seems to be a great idea because you could switch it out easily with a regular woodstove, which are really popular in this region. Rion Mather : My rule is never live in a Town with a Stop light, never live in a house you can't pee off of your own back steps,and being a fire man I am not afraid of the Insurance Co.
Rion Mather wrote:From a sales standpoint, the stove seems to be a great idea because you could switch it out easily with a regular woodstove, which are really popular in this region.
So I bought an EcoFan for a friend and decided that it was a cool concept and built one from scratch.
I always wanted to build a Stirling engine but the complexity was a little too much for me, but this project was easily doable as a weekend project! The $30 thermoelectric generator was sourced from ebay through a local vendor (because I was impatient and wanted to build it by the weekend).
Place the fan on the plywood sheet and use an ink pen or nail to mark the fan mounting holes in the blower box. After both the heating ducts and the blower fan are assembled, then you can place the heater core inside the heater blower box.
We have already discussed why a wood stove fan is a good idea, as it helps distribute heat from your stove further through your home.

The first part of this job is identifying the power connectors on the fan - pc components run at similar voltages to mobile phones, and can cope with some variation in voltage supply. Your old mobile phone charger is due for the snip next - simply take sharp knife or pair of scissors and remove the end which connects to the phone, leaving the remaining cable attached to the plug as long as possible. Assuming that everything has gone smoothly so far you are ready to install the fan on its stand.
This fan works better than the EcoFan in the fact that it dissipates the heat better and can be put up front on the stove without losing too much efficiency. Your original trailer ducts are usually mounted on a metal box with round cutouts all around. Now you can learn how to make a portable, cheap and effective wood stove fan unit to use around the home. As with any project on this site you undertake it at your own risk.This project is safe to do provided you follow the instructions as everything downstream of the power adaptor is low voltage. This is an important safety step to prevent short circuits and possible electric shocks.You are now ready to test your wood stove fan - plug your hybridized charger into the mains.
This really doesn't need to be anything fancy - just a block of wood so the whole thing doesn't fall over. The major obstacle to using these around our place is that 'they look messy' although even mum tolerates them in cold weather for the extra warmth they bring to the kitchen and study.Once you have firmly attached the fan you are all set to use it.
So I would just say find the right spot where the temperature will be good for your baking needs, and place the box there.
I suppose you could also tap the holes and bolt it right on, but I wanted to keep it simple to build.

Then find nuts and bolts that will fit through both the fan housing and the lid of the blower box. Your fan may have some other arrangement of cables, if so you may need to adapt the following methods to suit.You also need to assess the fan and figure out how to attach it to the wooden base - you may be able use existing screw holes, or may need to make some more through the plastic case. One way to improve your home heating is to install a Homemade wood stove heat exchanger on the chimney pipe to capture some of that lost heat. The blocks of wood simply stop it toppling over but you could come up with a much 'neater' way of supporting it. In the second and third photos you can see the new blower fan being mounted onto the heater box. Burn big solid pieces of hardwood to last all night and when you wake up in the morning you still have coals there and you can add new wood for the morning. A hot water expansion tank is necessary to prevent the build up of high pressure in the system. A car heater core can be found used at a junk yard, or at your local auto shop for as low as $20 new.

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