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The koi pond provides endless hours of entertainment, and Judi says that the fish are perfectly safe because the cats haven’t yet figured out how to get in there without getting wet. The mafia enjoys a lovely custom made litterbox hideaway made with birch veneer and cherry stain to match the exterior of the main house. When Carrie found this house in Portland, she knew it was a perfect fit for her and her menagerie because it already had the beginnings of a catio. The cats access the catio through the sliding glass doors leading to the indoor cat lounge area. This wonderful cat space is named after two of Carrie’s beloved cats who she recently lost, Ember, a rescue from The Great Kitty Rescue, and shy tabby beauty Chloe. If you live in Australia and you’re looking to create an amazing outdoor cat enclosure for your cats, then you must check out the selection from Catnip Cat Enclosures. Catnip cat enclosures can sit on the ground or they can be mounted to the side of a building. The folks at Catnip highly recommend that you install a pet door to give your cats access to an outdoor enclosure.
Catnip cat enclosures are the perfect way to add a safe outdoor area to your home that allows your cats to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. The Kittywalk Town & Country collection includes a variety of outdoor cat enclosure components that can be connected to create a spacious and safe outdoor playground for your cats. The Cat Cottage Senior Sanctuary is a special little hideaway in Pasadena, CA built just for senior and special needs kitties.
The Cat Cottage is not accepting any new residents at this time, but you can follow them on Facebook to see the beautiful senior cats in their care, as well as listings for senior cats that are available for adoption. Catio Showcase reader Maggie sent in photos of this nifty little cat enclosure that her fiance’s dad built for his two cats Squeezy and Tiger. This big beautiful catio provides kitties from All About Animals Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona with a temporary home while they wait to be adopted. The PetSafe Cat Veranda is an easy way to give your cat a little bit of safe outdoor space where she can catch a breath of fresh air and watch the world go by. The Kittywalk Curves outdoor cat enclosure system allows you to create a safe and secure outdoor passageway where kitty can stretch her legs. Brad Stone built this spacious cat enclosure for his well-loved felines at his home in Texas. When Stokely and her dad moved from Long Island to Las Vegas, she was used to living outside, but there are all sorts of desert predators in Vegas that might prove dangerous to an outdoor kitty, so dad built her a special enclosure for their new Southwest home.
October 5th, 2010 Introducing the Complete DIY Catio Design Guide to Help You Build Your Own Outdoor Cat Enclosure!
If you’ve been wanting to build your own catio, but you don’t know where to start, then this is for you! The DIY Catio Design Guide includes complete plans for building four different catio models in a variety of sizes. The Luxor Catio is the most spacious design, perfect for cat owners with a big yard or large outdoor space who want to build a safe and spacious sanctuary for their cats.
The Ritz Catio attaches to one side of your house with access through a cat flap on the side of the house. The Catio Design Guide is exactly what you need to build your own catio, or use it to hire a handyman. When Linda and Randy moved from Seattle to Bend, Oregon, they wanted to create a space for their cats to go outside, but they were concerned about the coyotes and barn owls in the area since they live near a large land preserve.
Linda and Randy hired a fencing company to build the structure and then stained the wood themselves.
The cats access the catitat through a long walkway leading from a cat door inside a cabinet in the house to the main enclosure. The Outdoor Feline Funhouse offers a convenient way to let your cats enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.
When Lyn took her two cats from their home in Florida to New England for the summer, they were missing their outdoor enclosure, so Lyn’s son built this little portable enclosure to tide them over. Lyn’s son would be happy to build you one at a reasonable price if you are interested.
I’ve been contacted by a television producer who is looking for catio owners in the New York City area to feature in an upcoming national news story.
Harvie and her husband decided to build not one, but two custom catios at their home in Fresno, California. They added two shelves, one at waist height and another way up high, for kitty climbing, plus lots of cat trees, scratchers, a litter box, and food and water. The cats access the catio through the sliding glass doors, which have cat flaps installed in the screens. Since the first catio was such a success, Harvie and her husband decided to add a smaller catio off the master bedroom. Unfortunately, the only suitable access point is via a window in the house, but my husband created an enclosed ramp and our local glass company cut a hole in the window to fit the cat door and it works perfectly! This looks exactly like one my husband and father built for me several years ago at our last house. Unfortunately some of us live in cities that actually have ridiculous laws about roaming cats.

In some parts of the world domesticated cats are invasive species that can have devastating effects on the ecosystem. NOTE: If you own your home and have a smaller, fully-enclosed fenced yard,instead of building an enclosure you might consider this alternative from Cat Fence-In. The reason there are no directions is that the box tells you how to put the cubes together, and I can't tell you what the shape and size of your enclosure should be. Access: Determine how your cats are going to come and go into their new outdoor playhouse before putting it together.
Design: The 14-inch square panels are strong, and so are the connectors, but I wouldn't advise building an enclosure that's more than 4 or 5 panels high, and your cats won't need something that tall, anyway. If you're going to build a run instead of an enclosure (as in the Kittywalk system), your cat will be happier if you build it 2 panels high (28").Don't put a bottom on your enclosure - your cats won't like trying to walk on wire mesh.
Construction: Your mallet will come in handy for tapping the panels into the connectors securely, squaring up sections that need it, and is pretty much mandatory for removing connectors from groups of panels that have already been joined. The Access Panel: You have to have a way in yourself to add goodies for your cats to lay on and play with, and to get them out when you need to and they don't wanna (although luring them in with a treat is easier!) This is solved by making a 4-panel section be removeable. 2012: Jennifer from Calgary, Alberta sent us the photos below of her own "catio" (I love that term!), showing how easy and non-destructive this solution can be if you already have one of those screens with a little door which allows you to open the window behind it. Wheatgrass and catnip patches below the ramps provide wonderful grazing areas and a cool place to nap, although they need to be replaced continuously because of a few feline junkies. Once she started working on the catio, however, she quickly realized that the original structure (shown below left) was going to have to be completely replaced, so the project took on a slightly larger scope, but the end result is paradise for Carrie and her furry family members.
Standard enclosures are made of galvanized steel, but they can also be custom powder coated in any color to match your home. They can help you find just the right pet door for your situation, whether you have a window, door, wall, or sliding door leading to your enclosure. At this time Catnip enclosures are only available in Australia, but they may be available for export sometime soon. These lucky kitties have a wonderful catio so they can safely enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather in their golden years. Next time you’re thinking of adding another furry family member, please consider adopting a senior cat! Outdoor furniture, climbing shelves, and scratching towers give all the kitties plenty of room to hang out and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather. This pre-made cat enclosure attaches securely to a windowsill, extending outside and creating a small perching ledge inside. The spacious enclosure measures 15 feet by 24 feet by 6 feet tall, so there’s plenty of room for Brad to hang out with the cats. The structure spans three-quarters of the length of the house and is built of redwood and wire mesh. Stokely now has a beautiful outdoor patio where she can lounge during the day and at night she goes into her own private house that’s locked safely inside a predator-proof fence where she can sleep without any worries. This sturdy structure from Feline Furniture is designed to withstand the elements, made with pine lodgepoles and Sunbrella outdoor fabric. Three cat hammocks are made with heavy duty Sunbrella fabric that is water and fade resistant. The Luxor is built away from the house and is connected by a cat run or tunnel “catwalk” which allows your cats to get from the house to the catio safely. This model allows you to use an existing door to access the catio yourself when you want to spend time with your kitty. It attaches to the side of your house and uses the existing window to allow your cat access from inside your house. The guide comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you don’t find it useful, your money will be refunded.
The roof of the walkway comes off in segments, just in case there is an emergency and a cat needs to be removed from the walkway. This lightweight, portable cat enclosure can be used on a deck or lawn and comes with stakes and weight bags that you can fill with sand to keep the enclosure securely in place. If you have a catio and live in the NYC area, please email me at kate (at) moderncat (dot) net and I will put you in touch with them. These gorgeous spaces, full of light and color, look like a perfect cat paradise and a wonderful place to hang out with feline family members. They hired Tom Whitling of The Avian Home, a custom builder who specializes in bird aviaries. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to create something that will really benefit your cats!
The manual includes 65+ detailed drawings with instructions for building your own outdoor cat enclosure.
I’m sure if there were any territorial difficulties between the cats, that they were diffused by simply adding more territory. Kate’s design expertise and Jackson’s cat behavior know-how combine to create cat-friendly environments that are sure to please both human and feline family members alike. When I built the cats” outdoor playground, I put attached the wire fencing on the inside of the wood posts. Here most people don’t mind them, but one complaint to the city and the owners can be fined.

Properly constructed enclosures can allow pets with predatory instincts to enjoy the outdoors without presenting a threat to wildlife. Building one yourself is complicated (even with plans) and requires tools, and still there's no guarantee that the materials alone won't cost as much as if you'd bought a kit.We thought of buying a Kittywalk system, but even they are expensive for the kind of area we wanted to use for our cats.
If you need a panel with a cat door in it for a door or window, that will cost you more than the enclosure itself (we had to buy and install an all-weather panel to fit against our sliding-glass door).Cutting a hole through a wall and installing just a cat door is much cheaper, if you're handy or know someone who is. The one I built has several sections to it, but the only section that's more than 4 high is one on the end to accomodate a tree limb for climbing, and that section is only 2 panels square.If you're already familiar with this product but haven't purchased it recently, you should know that they've changed it so that some panels have 8 wires across and some now have only 4. The enclosure can sit down directly on a deck, patio or grassy area, and its own weight will keep it from moving much (although it can be picked up and moved by 2 people). I made the stairs sturdy by building them as 6-sided blocks, burying them in a couple inches of rocks, and attaching them to the rest of the structure. Inside this tropical paradise, the kits get to enjoy cat-safe foliage including patio palms, impatiens and parsley, plus tons of other feline amenities. Carrie chose to build the structure from fir, but if she did it again, she says she’d probably use cedar to avoid having to paint or stain the wood. For over 17 years this family owned business has designed cat enclosures for every possible configuration. They had power lines run underground for electricity, then added insulation, drywall, window trim, paint, a dimmable chandelier, handmade kitty stairway to the loft, and an air conditioner as well as a small catio. It’s filled with cat amenities like a rope-covered scratching post and shelves for perching and climbing. She and her husband added this catio onto their home for their own cats, plus it allows them to rescue countless cats off the euthanasia list from local animal control agencies. It’s a basic structure made with wood posts and galvanized metal fencing with plenty of ramps, shelves, and posts inside to keep the cats entertained.
This guide includes a full set of plans to help you build your own outdoor cat enclosure, no matter how much, or how little, space you have. At our last place I had a 6x6x16 cat enclosure, and there were strays cats around that visited. But most importantly, since he has not met your cat, it would be contrary to his approach for him to give specific personalized advice for your specific situation. Be sure to shop for these at yard sales and in thrift stores, where they frequently turn up.)The number of boxes of course depends on how large you want your enclosure to be, and how tall. Finally, in the pleasant-weather months, if you don't need or use air-conditioning, and have a sliding screen door that you don't mind butchering, you can cut a 14-inch square hole in one lower corner of the screen door, close the screen, and allow the cats to come and go through their 14-inch opening straight into the enclosure. It doesn't matter which you use where, since even the ones with only 4 across still leave a hole too small for a cat to pass through. Your cats will not be able to crawl underneath, unless this is put directly on soil and you have a digger. Pull them tightly using a pair of pliers, or your hands if you have gloves (one or the other is necessary; they'll chew up your hands pretty quickly otherwise).
Wisely, he bought extra boxes at that price, so he'll be able to expand this later if he wants to.His cat access is a pet door he installed into a screen (great, inexpensive idea). Her lovely Calico can get a taste of the great outdoors while she slowly expands the enclosure, if she chooses.If you have big dreams but your budget is tight, you could conceivably create a very large enclosure by just buying a box or two of cubes a month.
It’s a small space, but with so much vertical room, plus the catio, it’s fine for elderly cats who spend most of the day following the sun from one nap spot to another!
Dawn and her team of volunteers run adoption events every week at local pet supply stores and each week dozens of happy cats go home with loving new owners. Bob and Glenda added a tree branch for scratching and climbing, a shelving system, and two cat houses inside the catrun. My cats never got sick, but they sure went nuts and wanted out of the enclosure all the time. That being said, general questions and issues are addressed throughout this blog, in his book Cat Daddy and of course, the show My Cat From Hell. If you're ever going to have kittens in your enclosure, though, be sure to use only the 8-across panels on the ground level, as a kitten can easily walk right through the 4-across panels. Adding the (prefab) cat door to the window screen was relatively easy, but required cutting wire pieces to connect the structure to the window. There is a full-size door so people can access the incredible backyard gardens and pond, which the cats spend their days watching and enjoying. There is a full-size door into the catitat so Linda and Randy can join the cats in their outdoor paradise, which they do frequently when the weather is nice. He used cement pavers for the bottom of the enclosure, and extended it out to cover some of the lawn so his cat could enjoy lounging (and nibbling) on greenery.Unless your enclosure is completely under a covered porch, like Diane's, definitely DO think about making any other materials you use and items you put in your enclosure weatherproof. I plan on living in the house for the rest of my life so my heirs can figure out how best to market it.
I know many may think this is to much,But we feel if you own a pet you should do everything you can to give them the best life possible and we do, and maybe some more.By the way our cats are rescues and let us know each day the love they have for us.
I had to chose between locking my 3 cats inside a tiny mother in law unit or letting them be the felines they are.

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