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One design goal is to keep most of the heat within the generator driving the initial pyrolytic phase of the conversion process, instead of heating up the environment around the generator. Doing it all in one generator requires a larger, more sophisticated unit, and if you have room, then it's the way to go, and go farther, since you get more energy out of a pound of wood if you burn both the charcoal and the pyrolytic gases.
This is where a portion of the charcoal is burned to generate the heat that drives the process.

Air isn't blown into the generator; rather, air is drawn down through the generator by the vacuum created by the vehicle's engine. By converting solid wood into a combustible gas in the generator, and then piping that gas to a utilization site such as a furnance, the process can be made far more controlled and efficient than it would if you just tried to burn an equal amount of wood in a woodstove.
One of the key reasons for using the downdraft gassifier design is the need to break down these tars before they exit the wood gas generator and start to clog up the rest of the system.

The ring was brazed to the bottom of the hearth, but the bowl just sits loose in the ring so that it can be mechanically shaken periodically in order to allow the ash to pass through and collect at the bottom of the generator.

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