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04 Mar. 2010

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This custom made trapezoid door traveled over 2,921 miles from coast to coast, now on final leg of its journey to its new home in upscale Manhattan apartment. This is a Sing Overhead Garage Door Panel compared next to a typical steel overhead garage door panel.
Sing Core doors are more stable, provide better insulation, and are far lighter than solid wood doors. These cabinet doors show an example of frame and panel construction, one method of dealing with wood movement in solid-wood furniture.
Before ordering weatherstripping, measure the gap between the door and jamb and the door and stop with the door closed.

A while back I decided I needed a quick, online reference library of construction photos to better inform my design decisions, and to help convey design intent to the builders. The torsion-box core holds the Sing Core door flat, ensuring that that the panel will not warp and sag like ordinary wood. The doors consists of a frame made of rails and stiles, and then there's a solid wood panel that's attached to the frame in a hidden groove. Owners of these doors find themselves spending time and money on repairs, replacements, and installations that would not have been an issue had they purchased a door from Singcore.
Our doors have been thoroughly tested and have been proven to withstand the impact of a sledgehammer.

Standard steel overhead garage doors are made of steel so thin that a golf ball can dent it.
This method allows the overall door to stay the same size over the years while allowing the panel to expand and contract as needed.

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