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Built to fit inside a home entertainment center, the Piston looks cool; but with its expected AMD APU, it probably won't be able to run demanding PC games on a big HDTV without serious performance problems. So if you want to play games like Borderlands 2, Hawken, or the upcoming Bioshock Infinity at peak performance, you’ll need more power than the current Steam Box prototypes seem capable of providing. What I plan to build is a compact gaming PC capable of delivering 60 frames per second at full HD resolution: 1920 by 1080 pixels. Loyd CaseThis pile of boxes will become a Steam box: a PC game console for your living room. The rig we built for this job splits the difference between a full-powered gaming machine and a small form factor PC. The interface is extremely easy to navigate, with everything nicely organized into big boxes that are easy to see, even from the couch. Over the past few months I’ve been hearing some buzz about the new SteamOS from, you guessed it, Steam. In addition to wanting to play my games while sitting on the couch I wanted to keep the cost of the build comparable to what the latest generation of console systems cost. Valve Software, the developer of the Half-Life game series and Steam digital distribution network, confirmed long-running rumors that it's working on a "Steam box"—a prebuilt PC that plugs into an HDTV, and runs the entire lengthy list of games available on Valve’s network.
To that end, I set out to build a compact gaming PC that would sit in my home-theater component rack and deliver a great couch gaming experience.

Also welcome is the fact that modern PC components are incredibly quiet and power-efficient; thus, the right mix of components in the perfect case makes a high-performance Steam box in the living room possible.
The K400 is incredibly light but provides comfortable keys and a surprisingly accurate touchpad with vertical scrolling support that makes browsing the web and navigating Steam's interface a cinch. Say what you will about Microsoft’s ability to craft a touch-based OS, but the company knows how to build a peripheral, that's for sure.
We then connected the second adapter to a power outlet behind our entertainment system, and ran CAT5 cable from the adapter to our Steam box.
Once we restarted Steam, we found a Big Picture button in the upper right-hand corner, so we clicked it to activate Big Picture Mode.
Instead, the Steam Box will become its own hardware category, filled with prefab PCs from multiple manufacturers and endorsed by Valve.
Games are organized just like in regular Steam, so we could see installed games, games we played recently, and even games that support a controller—a very nice touch, and an indication that Steam took the implementation of Big Picture Mode seriously as opposed to just overlaying a bigger skin on top of Steam.
Since both of the current generation console systems are available for ~$400, so that’s what the Steam Box budget is going to be today. However, now that Steam offers a Big Picture Mode interface that can be controlled from across the room, we’d like a dedicated Steam box chillaxing in our living room so we can play some PC games from our couch.
We can plug our router into a power outlet in our office, then connect the Steam box to a power outlet in our living room and be done with it.

Though to get the Steam OS up and running you don’t need to be familiar with Linux at all.
The target budget for this build is $400 or below, after rebates are all said and done it’s easy enough to hit it! Today I want to put together a complete system from the ground up with the intention of running it as a dedicated SteamOS box. Since I am building a system specifically designed for gaming with the SteamOS, the Pentium G3258 is the perfect choice, especially considering the budget. The plan is to use this to play my Steam games while sitting on the couch, much like if I were playing on a console system like the PlayStation 4 or XBOX One. Overall the GIGABYTE GZ-F3HEB chassis is a solid case for a low cost which is ideal for this build.

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