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27 Mar. 1989

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A note of caution on the plans: I have a router sub-base that has several different sets of holes in it to support various brands of router.
To attach the router to the table, I would assume you would use the screws from the subplate. Learn how to build a simple router table using a sheet of scrap plywood or MDF, a few screws, and a single piece of hardwood. And while most beginner woodworkers don’t have access to a router table, they can easily build a bare-bones model in mere minutes. Now grab a scrap piece of plywood or (in this case) MDF and drill a clearance hole large enough for the router bit you intend to use, to pass through.

Use an awl (or in this case) a brad and a hammer to mark the three screw holes that attach the base to the router. Next, screw the plywood or MDF to the router and clamp the entire unit firmly to the corner or end of a work table. A bare-bones router table like this is best-used for smaller jobs like routing dadoes, rabbets (as seen here), and simple edge profiles. With it, you can run edge profiles like ogees and roundovers, cut joinery like rabbets and dadoes, you can even turn it upside down and mount it to a table. I cut out a semi-circle in this case, so that my fence wraps slightly around the router bit.

You can see this set-up in use in our Getting Started in Woodworking video series on building a Shaker nightstand.

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