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18 Sep. 1999

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So, you had enough of hiding from the monster of the night in a measly hole in the ground, and want to build something more substantial.
Depending on the size of your mountaintop and on how impressive you want your castle to be, you should at least take into consideration building one side of it as flush with the mountainside as possible. What you will want to do now is build your castle in a modular way, one solid room at the time. In order to minimize the annoyance of having to go all the way up the mountain from the mine, either build your own minecart rail system from the bottom up, or just try to find an abandoned mineshaft, and mine the rails there. Once that’s done, you might want to start building some defenses around your now probably no longer too humble abode.
Here's a guide to help you with the building blocks of the whole process and get you started. You will eventually find enough gold to build a good amount of powered rails, so after a few days, going up and down the mountain will be a breeze.

Look up how to build arrow dispensers, build jack-o-lanterns and torches aplenty and lighten up your mountaintop castle. Depending on how high you want to build, or how many buildings and walls you want to raise, somewhere between eight and fifteen big chests of cobblestone should suffice. When the night is over you should have acquired enough to build at least your first room around the entrance to your mine. What you can do is take advantage of Minecraft’s nonexistent physics, and start hollowing out the mountain you stand on, mining for stone and other precious stuff. Coal mosty, so you can create smooth, proper stone to build the castle with, not just cobblestone. You can leave two blocks space in the middle of the staircase, or you can build flight-on-flight with no room for spectacular suicidal falls in between. The extreme hills biome probably has several nice ones that just wait for you to decorate them with more castles and fortresses.

The best way to go is to first build the foundation, the ground level, of your castle before building skyward. This way you can easily build a tower to the top of the skybox if you have enough building material. The more tricky part is then building the walls so you don’t have just a naked staircase reaching for the sky. The safest way to do that is simply to build a platform on top of the stairs, and then build the walls of the tower from the top down.

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