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03 Jun. 2013

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This is the funny age old question, which pickets should I use on my new wood fence, which is better.
D&C has installed wood fences under many different applications where the spacing on the posts needed to change. Double Drive wood gates are very typical in the wood fence realm and a standard opening for a double drive wood gate is anywhere from 8' opening to 10' opening. D&C can custom build and install any type of wood with metal frame roller gate and add swing or roller gate operators to any of these types of gates.
This is an old thred, but it's just what I was looking for in terms of ideas for my twice sagging double gate.
There are many options for swing gates, there are typical walk thru gates at 3-5' wide for pedestrian access, there are single drive swing gates and there are double drive swing gates. Fence gates are typically constructed using a 2x4 cedar frame(not treated pine on just gate frames due to warping) with pickets attached. V-track roller style gates are used a lot here in this area and are a great long lasting easy maintenance style rolling gate. The traditional wood fencing of the past remains a popular choice with consumers today, thanks in part to modern technology and the wide range of options available. Wood fencing comes in a variety of forms and finishes that make it an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike. Whether created from pressure treated pine or a type of cedar, the natural beauty of a wood fence remains desirable in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.
For a post and rail fence, wood continues to be the most practical and economical solution.
Whitewoods are common through-out the United States and Canada; the species of wood classified as whitewoods are pine, spruce and fir.
While consumers have a variety of types of wood to choose between eighty percent of fences are made of Western red cedar or pressure treated pine. Western red cedar remains one of the most popular species of wood used in fencing because of its natural beauty and longevity. Cedar fences should have at least a 2" clearance from the ground to avoid the possibility of rot.
All types of wood used for fencing can be treated with a water-repellent solution to help resist warping. A traditional wooden privacy fence is typically built using 4" x 4" x 8' treated pine wood posts set 30" deep in concrete footings on 7' centers. A skirt board is a board that is installed at the bottom of a new wood fence that adds height as well as keeps your bigger investment, the pickets, off the ground which helps to prevent future rot at the bottom of your pickets.
For instance if a wood fence is installed on Padre Island it is expected to meet island codes.
This is a wood fence built with pickets being installed opposite sides of one another and spaced apart. A very standard style custom wood fence we get a lot of requests on is to add a foot of lattice to the top of the new 6' wood fence built. We don't recommend going over 5' wide due to sagging and warping issues as well as weight of gate.
D&C builds these gates to the same specs as the walk gates except we do offer if requested 6"x6" treated heavy duty wood posts for these gates and highly recommend them. I am modeling my fence gate after the samples above, which I think are fantastic and look great. Typical wood walk gates use 4x6 treated heavy duty gate posts set 36" deep in concrete footings using black powder coated decorative hardware. These gates are typically used when a customer desires a gate operator and access controls.

New developments help decrease problems such as warping and rotting wood, making the many styles of wood fencing practical and attractive.
The three main benefits of using wood fencing are its aesthetic value, its privacy and its longevity.
By following correct installation and treatment procedures, these fences will last for many years. Both homeowners and businesses appreciate the seclusion and protection that a privacy fence provides. Wood is not only an environmentally sound choice; it is also cost-effective to cover large areas of land using a wood post and rail fence.
Through correct design and installation, a wood fence will serve its purpose for many years to come.
While this type of wood costs a bit more than Southern yellow pine, it naturally resists warping and rotting in most situations. Since the posts are inserted into the ground, they become more susceptible to rot than the rest of the fence.
For an island code wood fence the center of the posts has to be 6' spacing and a 36" depth along with all rails being attached to posts with hurricane galvanized straps.
With the cap and trim wood fence D&C uses 10' long 4" x 4" treated posts set in concrete footings, typically uses 3-2" x 4" treated pine horizontal rails, and for the custom look adds a 2" x 6" treated pine top cap flat on top of new fence and trims out the dog ears of the pickets under this cap with a 1x2 trim board to cover dog ears and give a really nice custom look. It does two things, one is it allows wind to pass thru easier which helps fence to hold up better and second gives a little more openness to a yard if that is the desire.
One normal trait of all wood pickets, treated or cedar, is that the pickets over time will shrink.
D&C uses standard on all gates built a hot dipped galvanized gate hardware that is powder coated painted black.
All double drive gates also come with heavy duty drop rods to keep gates secured when closed in center. When a gate is too large to build all out of wood, we recommend using a heavy duty galvanized frame gate and attaching wood pickets to this frame. For double drive gates at 10' wide D & C will typically use 6x6 treated gate posts set 36" deep in concrete footings. They are built by the manufacturer and typically come with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. These gates can be built using almost any material we offer, from chain link to vinyl to wrought iron and aluminum, as well as wood privacy.
Since wood is such an adaptive material, it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of functions. While most choose to leave their fences a natural color, there are many shades of stain and paint to choose from. This is a great option and we highly recommend adding a 3rd middle rail to all wood fences. We build this with heavy duty lattice and a beautiful custom picture framed look at the top. Also standard with all D&C walk gates that sets us apart from all our competitors is that we use 4" x 6" x 8' treated gate posts, even though the rest of the fence has 4" x 4" posts.
For example if a double drive gate opening is 13' wide, we will weld two 6'6" wide galvanized metal frames for this opening, set two 6" x 6" heavy treated wood posts, and attach pickets on new metal frames and hang gates.
All chain link and iron gates are welded construction and fabricated in the D & C fabrication shop. There are two rear roller wheels that attach to actual gate that sit on these two horizontal rails that support rear of gate for tracking and rolling. This gate is designed to be built 1.5 times bigger than the desired opening and is supported and hung off of 4" sch 40 heavy duty posts using typically 4- heavy duty cantilever rollers.

V-track gates are built using a galvanized frame and then the desired style of fence is attached. Consult with ASTM standards to find the proper degree of treatment for pressure-treated wood. Homeowners and businesses can plan the color of their fence to coordinate with its surroundings. After rails are installed D&C will install typical 1" x 6" x 6' wood dog eared pickets to new posts and rails for a finished wood privacy fence. This style of fence eliminates those gaps by adding a 1x2 strip run vertical with the pickets on every joint, basically giving it a custom look kind of like siding on a house, and absolute total privacy.
This allows for longevity, eliminates the warping issue, and makes gates far more workable and adjustable. On the front ground end of the roller gate are roll gate ground rollers that vary in grade and sizes. The tail of the cantilever gate is designed in an x-welded section and balances the gate when in closed position to hang on rollers and posts. In order to install a v-track roller gate a good surface of asphalt or concrete is necessary to mount ground mounted angle iron to ground. Pressure-treated Southern yellow pine usually comes with at least a 10-year warranty; some companies offer a lifetime warranty on this type of wood.
Another huge difference on D&C gates is we will use cedar 2" x 4" framework on the new gate. On wood gates that are desired that are larger than a 10' dd we like to offer a galvanized metal frame gate with wood pickets attached for strength and longevity. A typical application where a roller gate is rolling on asphalt or concrete drive solid rubber ground wheels are used at 6" to 8".
D & C offers heavy duty nylon cantilever rollers which are a great option, allow the gate to roll easier, and work really well in almost any application. Once the v-track is mounted to the ground in both the ingress and egress positions two heavy duty stainless steel ball bearing rollers are installed at each end on the bottom of the new gate frame in heavy boxed which will sit on the new track installed for guiding and rolling the gate back in forth.
As far as type of posts used for wood fences we gave you the standard, 4" x 4" x 8' treated posts, you could also upgrade using 4" x 6" x 8' treated posts if desired.
For top support and to keep gate on track there are heavy duty rubber roller guides installed that are attached to the gate post.
Southern yellow pine prevails in the midwest and southeast; this strong, durable wood is also economical.
This type of gate style is used mostly in commercial and industrial applications and works great when wanted to add a gate operator and automate gate. What is nice about these gates is the gate is almost fully support by the ground v-track rollers thus not putting pressure on the gate posts. Please let us know if you would like this option and we would be glad to add it to your fence estimate. This cost more but is an excellent way to keep gate working properly without roller complications.
Note that D&C carry's two different sizes of wood pickets, the 1" x 6" and the 1" x 4", which both look great.

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