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23 Apr. 1997

Build a drafting table top,building plans storage unit,painting interior wood doors,diy wooden workbench plans - For Outdoors

First and foremost before you start to build your own drafting table no project should go without a set of plans and details. As you see it will composed of two surfaces one that is the actual drafting surface and the other that is the base to connect the legs and wall too. Then we will need to cut the intermediate 2″ pieces for the drafting table surface to land upon.
Next, it is time to install the adjustable hinges to the drafting table surface and bottom piece. Before we put the two surfaces together we will need to install the hinges on the 2″ front piece and attach them to the drafting table surface. Now it is time to attach the the table top to the hinges and the Rockler architectural hinges. Here are some other drafting table designs that I though where also very interesting and well thought of. Step 3: Attaching the hinged table topI chose to give my drafting table top an overhang of 2 - 3 cm on each side. So, basically here is my drafted plans, a scope if you may, of the drafting table to be constructed.
I installed four 2″ hinges spaced evenly across the front of the table instead of a solid piano hinge.

It helps to have someone else hold the table when you attach it because of the angles but if your like me and have no friends then I suggest laying the entire table on the floor and putting some blocking under the table top (by the 2″ strips) to hold it up vertical. The only items left are the folding legs, the ledger attachment to the wall and table, the paper stopper strip of quarter round and the stain (if you haven’t applied it already). The trick here is to install the first leg (lets say the left side) located at the corner of the 2″ vertical strips near the front of the table. This makes it a bit more difficult to attach the hinges than if the table top is flush with the top of the base.
It will consist of two legs that fold in and out so the table is able to rotate against the wall when not in use. It was a little taller than a normal table but I personally would like to be able to stand up and review plans as needed.
For my drafting table I applied (3) coats of stain sanding each time before applying the next coat thus ensuring a nice smooth finish.
And since you know what force it can withstand you can tell everyone that you built a Drafting Table That should hold! I attached the hinges to the top of the base first, then to the underside of the table top (this requires an assistant). The square cutouts in the top of the base were made by drilling holes and cutting out the square with the jig saw.

That being said here is the step by step instructions to Build your own Drafting Table for use in the office or at home.
These dimensions should be measured from the 2 inch strips not the end of the drafting table bottom surface. By installing these hinges it will take some unnecessary pressure off the architectural hinges and keeps the rotation point located directly at the front of the table so it won’t lift up from the front. So, install the actual hinge to the bottom base piece and the hinge catcher to the underside of the drafting table surface. I suggest that you take a chisel or a jig saw and cut out a section, equal to the depth of the hinges, off the 2″ strips (perpendicular to grain) so that the table can lay flat when closed.
Also do the same for the connection of the top drafting table surface to the hinge by installing the separately provide top hinge mount to the dimensions specified.
Note, these measurements are from the edge of the drafting table to center line of the leg post.

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