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06 Dec. 1990

Blueprints characters for 3d,sailing boat plane,wooden wine rack construction - Review

This article talks of one very important part of 3d character modeling and that is the 2d sketch or concept design. The sketch artworque is the basis for a successful 3d character that everyone hopes to have in his animation. Above you can see one good looking character sketch, but, as you can observe it is not very helpful while 3d modeling.
While a sketch is a single part of the process giving you the basic form and shape to materialize the idea that gains organically shape on the paper. The first thing you need to remember is that when you finish the 3d model you'll alos need to rig it so the character can be posed in the scene. For the main character sketch your goal should be a 3 sided character sheet (Front, Side and Back). Next draw the head hairless, add the hair, draw the body and finally cover him with some cloths, never forgetting to put each thing in a different layer. Perfection here is the key, the more perfect you can do it the easiest will be to model the character in 3d.

Si vas a subir un trabajo al foro, hazlo adjuntando la imagen, archivo, video o lo que sea, no publicando enlaces de otros sitios.
So for that reason I have decided to do a little sketch tutorial about what goe into makeing a sucessful 3d character right from the 2d skecting phase.
It is usually represented visually trough continually improved sketches or drawings of some object or character from the very first idea till the completion of a production ready drawing. Since it is a sketch for previsualization of a 3d model so you can choose to be less descriptive on the paper. This way you can define the area and position of your character in the paper and avoid boring things like after almost completing the character is not enough paper to draw the feet. Hope this intro where somehow useful to you and prepare you well for all the cool ways to 3d character modeling that are in this edition of blenderart magazine..
It alos includes the scene details like environment style, character specialities, light and mood of the scene and the texture style as well.
It facilitates the armature bone positioning and is a llot easier to model and worque with the character pose.

If its possible then you can define more detail on a clay model, but for now your 3 view character sheet should give you an acceptable 3D flattened reference this should be enough for get going.
After the character sheet if you wish you can alos do some perspective sketches of your character with relaxed poses.
I however do use the prespective drawings for additional reference, I always use a 3D blok que model made in blender as reference for perspective poses. It gives the natural camera view feel to the prespective drawings and it?s really easy to define the volume of the character.

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