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24 Jun. 2000

Black wood stain cabinets,saw types cutting wood,make a reclaimed wood table - For Outdoors

This Black Wood Stain Cabinets is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions. This Black Wood Stain Cabinets is available only for personal use as desktop wallpaper, You can download Black Wood Stain Cabinets desktop wallpaper by right click and save. New listing Lariat Maple Toffee RTA Kitchen Cabinets all wood dovetail drawers Forevermark. Styles change over the years, and lightening the shade of stain on your oak cabinets is an ideal way to modernize the look of your room and make it appear larger. Remove doors and drawers from the cabinet boxes, and remove all hinges, knobs and pulls from both. Getting to this point has required hours and hours of painful brainpower over three years, during which time I’ve asked more people than I have fingers and toes their opinion on oak, painted oak, stained oak, orange cabinets, gray cabinets, white cabinets, dirty cabinets, and beveled cabinets. Both sides of each door and the full cabinet base in the kitchen received not one, not two, but three coats of General Finishes Gel Stain in Java.
I did all of my staining bare-handed, completely without gloves, because I found it harder to get into the nooks and crannies of the door bevels with an extra obstacle and none of my rubber gloves fit tight enough to not be a nuisance. Just like with the stain, I used pieces of fine weave scrap fabric to apply the poly (actually, an old piece of bed sheet fabric that had already been once downgraded into a painters tarp worked really well). Black and Decker unknowingly sponsored the heck out of this post after sending me its newest cordless screwdriver, the GYRO, at the end of last week. It was always in the back of our minds that if we changed the color of the base cabinets, the countertop would have to be updated as well. I felt close to that same feeling after they had even removed for a month, and then my dog started eating paper out of the garbage, so I got haulin’.
I took the same gel stain and went to down on my kitchen laminate wood floor, turning it from pinkish-beige to dark java brown.
Oops, forgot to comment that while I stained the outside, I did not touch the insides or the shelves.
Only problem is that now I’m putting on my General Finishes polyurethane top coat, it’s pulling out little streaks in my stain!
I love this look,, your kitchen turned out fabulous, and i was so inspired to do this in the house we just bought that has a honey oak kitchen (in really great shape) but i CAN’T FIND any place that will ship the java gel stain to Canada!! I wish I knew more about the kick plate area on our cabinets… they were painted and trimmed out like that when I bought the house!
Thanks so much for all this info- absolutely hated my cabinets and just the stain makes them look so much better!

I have a teak wood table and it has a water mark on it I have read different ways to remove it. You can get the black-onyx look with both water- and oil-based paint in a high-gloss finish, but oil-based paint dries harder and smoother. After removing doors, drawers and hardware, apply a chemical stripper to all wood surfaces. It’s a big day for my little merrypad as I share the happy aftermath of my kitchen staining project. I didn’t exactly want something hi-gloss shiny, and was even worried about something semi-shiny, so satin felt like the safest gradient of the poly spectrum, and closest to the natural finish that we had from the stain itself (a little shinier than matte, yet easy to wipe down when I inevitably spit out milk in a fit of laughter). The poly, unlike the stain, was water-based, but I still allowed a minimum of 24 hours between each coat. I DO think that staining the cabinets would give the kitchen an overall great, updated look (especially with the tile and granite you speak of).
After I used the poly and it dried completely, I did go back over the most noticeable places with a rag with the STAIN on it again. With both methods, the key to the black onyx look -- as opposed to mere black -- is getting a lacquer-smooth surface and lots of shine. The real trick, as you will also see on other gel stain tutorials, is that you must leave a thin coating of the stain on the surface instead of expecting it to absorb immediately. I didn’t let polyurethaning drag on quite in the same way as staining had, and six coats (three on one side of the cabinets, three on the other) were completed 7 days after returning from Morocco.
We had planned to sell the older models and replace them with a matching set once we refinished the cabinets, but the black finish on the dishwasher, stove, and microwave blends in really nicely and so our priorities have changed.
What we have noticed, however, is that in some of the stain on the inset panels the corners have cracked a little bit, like you might expect to see paint crack.
We have relatively new laminate like cabinets in the home we just bought and we would like to stain. You do not need to entirely remove the top finished coat to take the cabinetry back to natural wood (so easy!). Even though it was thick enough to finger paint through, my stain leveled out when it dried. If your paint manufacturer doesn’t have a color called onyx, opt for one named ebony or black.
Apply the stain in thin layers -- using the applicators and drying time recommended by the manufacturer -- until you've acquired the depth of finish you desire.

You’re providing hope to tired oak cabinets everywhere that they can someday be something beautiful again. I believe this might be related to changing temperatures in the house, as the wood is still natural beneath that stain and it might have expanded or contracted slightly.
The beauty of the gel stain is that you don’t have to massage or wipe it evenly like you do with traditional water- or oil-based stain products! I did both sides of the door, and had planned to paint the inside of the cabinets but never got around to it. Once you’ve removed the old finish, wipe the cabinets with denatured alcohol to neutralize the chemical stripper. Using extra-fine 280-grit sandpaper, lightly sand the cabinets between each layer of stain.
I did not have that issue but i know from other staining projects that if I apply a second coat too early or are too rough in its application, it kind of takes off the first coat.
I can get in there with a little paint brush and the same stain and patch it right up, I presume.
The shelving of our cabinetry was laminate and I wasn’t sure how well it would take (so definitely do a test sample of yours). The stain sits on top of the wood, so it will strip off like paint if sanded too vigorously. Dust the cabinets with a tack cloth, and then apply a sandable primer that works with your paint type, oil- or water-based. But with that said, aside from the time investment, it’s a really inexpensive update to take on, and does have an impacting result if the dark java look would tie your kitchen into the way the rest of the home is being staged. Start with 100-grit sandpaper to remove rough patches, and then switch to finer 220-grit to sand the surface satin smooth. We are also replacing the laminate countertops with granite and we have gray tile flooring that will stay. If you’re starting with bare wood that’s never been painted or stained, sand the cabinet surfaces with 100-grit sandpaper, and then with 220-grit.

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