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We put 28 of the leading 10" models through rigorous trials in search of the perfect "do-everything" blade. Changing tablesaw blades ranks right up there with changing speeds on a drill press or lathe: We know certain cuts call for specific blades for peak performance, but still, we don't always take the time to make a switch. Here's what you can learn from our testsEven the best blade will not perform well in a saw that's not properly adjusted. Many of the tested saw blades yield clean cuts on the top face of melamine-coated particleboard, but only one produced chip-free cuts on both the top and bottom faces of melamine (using a standard tablesaw throat plate and a slow feed rate).
Learn the complete results of our testing of all 28 blades in the May 2008 issue of WOOD magazine. I used to have an older table saw and I found the stabilizers worked well, but, I replaced it about two years ago with a RIDGID 10 inch table saw with the motor enclosed within the body.

My table saw and radial arm are used for everything from ripping cherry for table tops to ripping pressure treated for outdoor lumber.
Now you don't have to sweat those changes -- if you have a proven general-purpose blade on your tablesaw. About half the blades improved noticeably on their bottom-cut performance when we used a zero-clearance insert. Some of the blades have teeth with complicated grinds, so have your blades sharpened by a service with up-to-date computer-controlled grinding equipment that will duplicate the manufacturer's original grind.
A 3-hp tablesaw on a 220-volt circuit has enough muscle to power a full-kerf blade through nearly any cut. In previous tests we found that 40-tooth general-purpose blades typically outperform 50-tooth combination blades with less scoring and quicker feed rates on rip cuts.

We got even better results in birch plywood crosscuts, where a zero-clearance insert eliminated bottom tear-out with nearly every blade. But if you're using a 110-volt saw, you'll find that a thin-kerf blade plows more easily through tough cuts.
So we rounded up 28 general-purpose blades (16 thin-kerf, 12 full-kerf) from 19 manufacturers and tested them in crosscuts and rip cuts in hard maple, melamine-coated particleboard, and birch plywood using 10" contractor- and cabinet-style tablesaws.

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