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26 Aug. 1987

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With new, full-color photos and design, expanded information, and updates on technological advances in finishing, The New Wood Finishing Book is a must-have reference. If you are not completely satisfied you can cancel your subscription or return your book, magazine or DVD at any time for a complete refund.
The first edition of Understanding Wood was published in 1980 and has since sold more than 130,000 copies. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.
It is widely held as a definitive reference work and the cornerstone of every woodworker's library.
The Nature of Wood Growth rings Grain Sapwood and heartwood Structural arrangement of growth rings and rays Density and specific gravity Systematic classification Cellular structure Softwoods Hardwoods 2. Now, Bruce Hoadley's comprehensive guide to wood technology has been revised and updated in this 20th-anniversary edition of a classic. Wood Identification What to look for Physical properties Identification techniques Macrophotographs 4.
As I've tried to think about those 20 years of Understanding Wood, it would be impossible to recall in detail the many personal thoughts and reader feedback comments that come to mind. Strength of Wood Compression parallel to the grain Compression perpendicular to the grain Tension perpendicular to the grain Tension parallel to the grain Shear perpendicular to the grain Shear parallel to the grain Bending theory The carrying capacity and stiffness of beams Factors affecting strength properties Compression failures and brashness Structural grades 5. Other Properties of Wood Thermal conductivity Effect of temperature on wood Burning of wood Fluorescence Psychological properties 6. Coping with Dimensional Change in Wood Preshrinking Control of moisture sorption Mechanical restraint Chemical stabilization Design Monitoring moisture The moisture "widget" 8.

Joining Wood The elements of joints Basic types of joints Worked joints Fastened joints 11. But I now look with astonishment at the works displayed at trade shows and association annual meetings, in the pages of Fine Woodworking and current books, demonstrating an extraordinary level of skill. Certainly advances in woodworking tools, equipment, and materials have contributed, but the skills and perseverance of modern craftsmen cannot be denied.
Finishing and Protecting Wood Surface condition No treatment Coating treatments Penetrating finishes Combinations and compromise Slowing moisture exchange Evaluation of finished surfaces Preservative treatment of wood Part three: The Woodworkers Raw Materials 13.
I have always enjoyed woodworking myself, but I have succeeded only to the "jack-of-all-trades" status and can only dream of the work I see rolling off the benches of others. A third thought was ever present as I considered the second edition: The properties of wood are still the same with the corollary that the same things that caused problems 20 years ago are still the main troublemakers today.
In the chapter on wood identification, for example, the gallery of color macrographs should make the comparison to pieces of wood much more meaningful.
The botanical treatises which are accessible are too strictly scientific in their form and treatment to interest the general reader, and they lack that practical application of knowledge to the wants of the shipwright and carpenter, which is one of the aims of this book to give.
Rather, it is about wood itself, surely mankind's first workable material, and an ever-present part of our ever-changing world.
We are not likely to run out of wood, because unlike most other materials, we can always grow more. Laslett believed, for example, that sap collected between the bark and the wood eventually congealed to form a new growth ring.
He could not know about cellular reproduction and the additive formation of new wood cell by cell.

The main reason I have attempted this book is the realization that a wealth of knowledge about wood has been accumulated by scientists, but almost none of it has been translated and interpreted for the individual craftsman. The technology of industrial-scale woodworking has been well developed and widely published. I grew up in the Connecticut countryside where the surrounding woodlands were both playground and the source of material for "making stuff." The cellar of our house had an old workbench and chests of grandfather's tools, worn from years of use but begging for the chance once again to work miracles in wood. I remember nails that bent over when driven into oak, saws that bound up tight in green wood, screws twisted off when driven without pilot holes, and planed surfaces ridged by nicks in the iron. But I still "made stuff" -- my frustrations were nothing compared to my fascination with wood. I stood transfixed by those marvelous disks of wood, a dozen or more, that lay in the grass and sawdust. I still recall the vivid pattern of the rings, their pie-crust of bark, the cool dampness of the top disks under my chin, the pungent odor of the wood. I could not believe that woodworkers had not already put this beautiful natural log to better use. It is easy for me to believe that this one incident was the turning point that eventually led me to pursue my career as a wood technologist, for ever since I have wanted to know why the wood does what it does.

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