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23 Nov. 2008

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Because of their direct exposure to water, the individual boards of most porches are likely to be cupped and you’ll have to sand that curvature level before you can sand the boards clean.
If you abraded your porch like that every day, you wouldn’t see any damage either because you would have sanded it off!
Clear finishes will degrade very quickly on a porch because, unlike paint, they let the sun right into the wood where it can break down the lignins, which are essentially the connective glue that makes wood hold together.
Paints are better at protecting wood from sun damage – they are much like wearing a sweatshirt to the beach; they block the sun from reaching the wood. There is no magic bullet that will protect your porch forever; the longest you can completely neglect that wood is two years.
Its fabulous, rich, almost red color looks good on every wood type, but is especially attractive on the older fir and pine of many porches. Covered porches will need an oil refresh every other year, but fully exposed decks will need touchups annually. Call the shop at 651-698-5888 to place an order - we stock Pure and the Exterior wood cleaner and can ship!
This means that the wheels of drum sanders and edgers can drop down into these channels,which will causing the business end of the sander to drop down as well, which can leave unexpected stop marks or divots. If the deck isn't too cupped, the U-Sand can be a great solution - no wheels to fall between the cracks. Using a large angle grinder and coarse sanding discs to remove the old stain from a wood deck.

If your porch or deck is looking a little worse for the wear, a good sanding might be in order.
Depending on the condition of your deck and the results you desire, sanding can be a minimal effort designed to remove the raised grain left after a good power washing, or it can be an extensive restoration effort that brings an aging deck back to life.
If your deck has a lot of peeling paint, or if the wood is very rough, start with 36 or 60 grit paper.
Always sand in the direction of the grain whether you are working by hand or with a sanding machine! If you use the proper technique, your fresh coat of paint or stain will make that old deck look new and vibrant once again.
The best paint colors from Sherwin Williams - "Paint Color Cheat Sheets" - A great short-cut to finding a perfect paint color.
And while it is perfectly legal for a homeowner to sand off this lead-paint bearing finish, the lead dust that you release will poison you and your neighbors. Wooden boat decks were constantly exposed to the elements and they never rotted – you should be able to sell me something that lasts like that. If you find a clear finish that lasts five years on a south facing deck, buy stock in whoever makes it because it must be magic. But paint still can’t block everything, and standing water from snow and rain, the weakening effect of sunlight, plus the erosive action salt and sand underfoot will eventually grind paint away too. Some decks are laid with slight gaps between boards or using boards with decidedly champfered edges (the top two edges are cut off at a slight diagonal).

Not only is sanding an essential step if you plan to add another coat of paint or stain, but it can help you enjoy your deck much more. Sanding can clog the pores of the wood and make it difficult for stain to penetrate effectively.
Paradoxically, even when porch paint looks worn and scratched, it is still a beast to sand off. If the fasteners are not well counter-sunk, they will catch the sandpaper on your sander which will rip it off and waste money. However, many people prefer a finer finish, especially if children are going to be using the deck. For example a vibrating or random-orbital sander tends to make squiggly marks if too much pressure is applied. Worse, they can damage the rubber pad of the sander itself, which will cost you even more money. Imagine leaning on smooth, splinter-free railings while your babies enjoy the outdoors safely within the confines of a well-maintained deck.

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