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Fine crafted wood furniture, kreg jig cabinet plans pdf,built in storage bench ideas.
27 Nov. 2005

Best finish for wood furniture,build your own loft bed online,bench vise made in usa - For Outdoors

Oil-based poly has an amber tone that can dramatically change the color of stained or unstained wood. Turn out the lights and shine light at a low angle across the wood to reveal imperfections.
If your stained and varnished woodwork is looking a little shabby, you can save time and money with this quick fix. Brushing on the first two coats allows you to build up a thicker layer of finish with less cost and effort than spraying from cans.
Get some oil-based urethane (I prefer a satin sheen) and a natural bristle brush and smooth the bare wood parallel with the grain using a progression of sandpapers up to 220-grit. Sand again with 220-grit sandpaper only, then vacuum all the particles off your project and entire finishing area.
Contributing Editor Steve Maxwell has been helping people renovate, build and maintain their homes for more than two decades. Treat all areas equally, using the same progression of sandpaper grits for both hand and power sanding.

Actual color varies a lot, depending on the type of wood and how you prepared it for finishing. And using an aerosol can to apply the final coat produces a professional-looking finish, free of brush marks. Better yet, you can finish the front of doors (or the top of shelves) without waiting for the back to dry. I’m never satisfied with the quality of finish I manage to achieve on my indoor wood projects.
So save scraps from your project, run them through the same sanding process and use them to test finishes. It's hard to eliminate this effect, but you can limit it by applying a wood conditioner before staining. The finish may look wet, but chances are it's already sticky, and brushing will only make a mess. Sanding after each coat (except the last) rubs out imperfections and roughens the surface for better adhesion of the next coat.

But a carbide scraper blade will stay plenty sharp for a long time, even when you're removing thick paint buildup. Quality brushes hold more finish, lay it on smoothly and are less likely to leave lost bristles in your clear coat. You’ll get the best possible finish by using a random orbit sander over top of a super-fine 3M rubbing pad. Leaving excess stain on the wood for longer or shorter periods won't affect the color much.
After the stain dries for a few days, you can add a coat of furniture wax or wipe-on poly to really liven up the old wood.

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