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11 Mar. 1988

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They are presented here to highlight how effective working out with dumbbell exercises can be. The Incline Bench Press will target your upper pectorals while the Decline Bench Press will target your lower pectoral muscles.
As competitive sports continue to advance, the optimal training of the competitive athlete begins to take greater precedence within the yearly plan. The summer session is a time when, with regards to football, the athlete can totally focus all attention on the weight room and prepare the body for the rigors of the upcoming season. The table above documents the averages in pounds of the old max and new max of the bench press and the back squat.

Overall, implementing the sub-maximal strength program with regards to the back squat and bench press for athletes labeled as “big skill” caused a significant average net increase within the entire group. In order to provide some “spice” to our workouts, we have implemented a game day every two weeks. The physical preparation coach, more formally known as the strength and conditioning coach, has an eight-week period to implement a plan to allow each athlete to reach peak condition. Overall, the bench press saw an average increase of 22 pounds or nearly eight percent and the back squat saw an average increase of 44 pounds or ten percent. All players saw an increase, with second year players seeing the biggest average increase in both the back squat and bench press.

This paper will discuss and numerically compare the back squat and bench press of the “big skill” group.
The old max testing numbers were taken from the last training and testing cycle, which took place the previous summer. This program could realistically be used by coaches for athletes of various training statuses and throughout the yearly organizational plan to create a large net increase in maximal strength.

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