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Using a bench press chart is a great way to estimate your maximum bench press without hurting yourself.
A bench press chart helps you reach your goal without risking injury.You can lift a lighter weight for reps and estimate what your one rep max will be. In my previous bench-press workout, I wrote a few paragraphs praising the bench press and tried to find some sort of common theme among bench pressers. First of all, there seems to be an endless debate about what the proper bench-press grip is. Here's another tip: most people bench press straight up and down, like some flesh-and-blood piston. I should also mention, briefly, the importance of doing proper warm-ups before doing any of the workouts in this program. Even though this is a program designed to improve your bench press, it certainly doesn't neglect the rest of your body. Many of you employ very different workout schemes, perhaps working each body part three times a week or maybe only once a week. Additionally, you need to rest at least three minutes between sets on major lifts like the bench press and squats. Granted, I used a computer to generate the charts in this workout program, but you won't need a computer or a calculator to complete the program. To summarize, your 1 RM of 280 Ibs indicates that in Bench-Press Workout #1, you'll be using 220 lbs, 235 lbs, and 245 lbs in your work sets. Once you complete the chest, shoulder, and triceps workout, rest a day or two, and then work back, biceps, and possibly legs, if it's leg day.
And, finally, if you do 5 or more reps with 255 Ibs, you're moving too fast, and you'll need to start using the increments and poundages listed for a 285-lb 1 RM when you get to Workout #6.
Good stuff I am going to run this program since my bench has gone WAY down since I tore my rotator in October of 2009. Pyramid routines are one of the oldest types of workouts, dating back to when dinosaurs roamed the gyms. Destroying Plateaus: A good Pyramid can help you to break through a lifting plateau, whether its increasing your endurance through your bench press workout or increasing your one rep max. If you want to use a pyramid to get stronger on the bench, your chart is going to look a little bit different and you should base it on percentages of your one rep max. Without fail whenever the conversation turns to muscle building and working out people always want to know how much you can bench. If you’re not happy with your bench press ranking check to see if you’re making any of the following 5 mistakes. If you are looking for a program to guide you through Bench Coach Mike Westerdal has complied 18 of the best bench workouts in one package.
For example, if you can bench press 135 pounds a maximum of 10 times, your estimated one-rep max is 176 pounds.
True, it will almost always improve your bench-press poundage, but the advantage is entirely artificial. I talked about it during the first bench-press workout report, but I believe it's very, very important and can't be overemphasized.

As I pointed out in the previous edition of this workout, muscle cells don't live in a vacuum—they're a part of you and share in whatever mistreatment you subject yourself to. After all, bodybuilding is all about balance, and a program devoted entirely to the bench press at the exclusion of other body parts would be ridiculous. Well, the legs are made up of such large muscle groups that working them is so taxing on the body that it may actually take away from gains you might make in your bench press. Expert after expert and research paper after research paper has pointed to the fact that workouts of this type shouldn't take longer than an hour. It's now time to figure out your initial workout poundages and how to use the charts included. Chest Workout #2 will take place on Friday of that first week, and we'll go back to the Progression Table to figure out your workout poundages.
Take a look at the top row—the one where it lists the number of the workout with the letters A, B, and C underneath. During the third set of Workouts #5, 7, 9, and 11, you'll be required to do a Failure Test to evaluate your progress. Set up the bench-press bar with the weight listed on the Progression Table for your Failure Test.
If you do between two and four reps, continue using the same 1 RM you've been using to calculate the poundages you use for subsequent workouts, until, of course, you get to the next Failure Test when you'll check your progress again. Trace your finger across the table to the right from your 1 RM to the column under the appropriate workout number. Fill in the weights listed in the Workout Sheet, matching the workout number and repetition subheads. Use the Failure Test as indicated by the Progression Table and the Workout Sheet to chart your progress and determine new 1RM's as needed.
If you've followed the program as detailed, you've probably added about 50 Ibs (maybe more, maybe a bit less) to your bench press. Doing the workout back to back with a second 50-day program wouldn't be very effective and could very well cause you to lose strength. Don’t just do cardio, but also be sure to do a few light reps on the bench (perhaps with just the bar or a light weight depending on your strength level), or you can do several push ups. No its not one of those flashy fancy workouts in those muscle mags, but those things don’t work anyway. But they’re best used on heavy compound lifts like the squat, deadlift, and of course the bench press.
But over the past few decades the bench presses become more popular and with that popularity, it has become the main indicator of upper body strength. We bench press because, next to the squat, it's the most fundamental weight training movement there is. For our purposes here, I want you to try a little test that will help determine the best bench-press grip for you, not Tom, Dick, or Harry. Make no mistake about it, this workout, although it involves a low volume of work, is extremely intense! No use trying to determine how strong you are in a particular lift if you've just finished an incredibly grueling workout, regardless of what body part is involved.

The new 1RM will be used to calculate subsequent workouts, until, of course, you get to the next Failure Test when you'll check your progress again. We're talking about 7 weeks or 14 chest workouts between you and new, previously unrealized power! In other words, the workout probably instructed you to do 20 sets of bench press using 400 Ibs or some other totally absurd recommendation. Increase the rest time to make the workout easier, decrease it to make it more challenging. For instance, add a rep each of your first two sets for the first week, and then add a rep also to the next two sets, and also add a rep to the next two sets, until you’ve added an additional rep to every set on the workout. If you had only 15 minutes to train your upper body, you'd do the bench press and maybe some chin-ups. This is a workout that's about as personalized as you'll ever get, and it's not one based on science fiction.
But just remember, the more reps you start with, the longer and more grueling your bench press workout is going to be.
Please note that the workout is considered really light, and if you want to throw in some shoulder DB Press and some DB Bench as well please feel free to do so. The closer your working poundage is to your one-rep max (1 RM), the more intense your workout. This program is based on precise mathematical formulas, and if you try to guess your 1 RM or don't do the test to determine 1RM properly, you'll get mediocre results. Many bench pressers who completed the earlier version of this program decided to do the program again, immediately after finishing it for the first time. In other words, on your next chest workout, you'll simply use 275 Ibs as your 1 RM instead of 280 on Workout #6. Instead of trying to slap on an additional ten pounds each workout, you'll add weight gradually, making for a smoother, more realistic (and ultimately more effective) increase in poundages and strength. You may not get an awesome pump from low-rep sets, but you'll get stronger, and your bench press will go up by leaps and bounds.
For example, after I recently completed this program, I took three week and just did moderate to light dumbbell-pressing workouts. Now if you are like me and do not have a workout partner then use a squat rack with the pins set just above your chest or even better one of those power racks where you can just twist the bar and lock it into the cage. The next workout would probably group chest, triceps, and back, again mixing pull and push muscles. The exact number of reps and sets varies slightly from workout to workout, but your Workout Sheet will let you know how many you need to do for each training session. Just do another set in the time it takes you to get up, add more weight, and get back on the bench.

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