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05 Feb. 1990

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Small to large, horizontal or vertical, metalcutting bandsaws use either Carbon Tool Steel or Bimetal bandsaw blades. Small tabletop saws with 2 or 3 wheels need a very thin blade, such as our "Three Wheeler" bandsaw blades.
There is a wide range of what is considered correct for tooth patterns on a woodcutting bandsaw.
The correct tooth pattern for metalcutting is determined by the thickness (cross-section) of material you are cutting.
Stack cutting should always be avoided where possible, because regardless how the material is clamped in the vise there will always be varying thicknesses to cut and you cannot match teeth properly.

The Bi-Metal saw blade chart is set-up for the different band saw blade widths and provides the feed rate on the right side column. The challenge with these saws is that the wheels are so small that a standard thickness blade flexes beyond proper tolerances when it travels around these small wheels, thereby shortening blade life.
Vertical metalcutting bandsaws and woodcutting bandsaws have the capacity to run a wide range of widths. Carbon Tool Steel blades will cut mild steel if used at speeds under 200 feet per minute (fpm) for best results, preferably with coolant. If you are having trouble getting satisfactory results in cutting different materials, please call toll free 1-800-356-9918.

If you are sawing in a production setting, your saw is in good repair and adjusted correctly, and want the longest life blade available, then you should use Bimetal bandsaw blades. Cutting steel could damage your saw, due to the fact that blade speed on most woodcutting bandsaws (average 800 to 3500 fpm) is not slow enough (40 to 200 fpm) for cutting ferrous metals (i.e.

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