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If you are building a shed, garage or other wooden structure on a concrete pad as shown in Figure 1, it is important that you properly anchor the structure to the pad to avoid having it blown apart or away by high winds. When pouring the concrete pad insert L concrete foundation bolts, as shown in Figure 2, into the concrete in the correct position, the center of the bottom plate of the stud wall.& Before inserting the concrete anchor into the concrete apply a grease or Vaseline on the threads to prevent wet concrete from adhering to the bolt.
If the pad is in place the best way to fasten the bottom plate of the wall to the concrete pad is in the use of a lag shield, as shown in Figure 4, lag bolt, as shown in Figure 5 (sometimes referred to as a lag screw) and a large washer. Use a layer of tar paper, roofing felt or sill plate gasket to keep the bottom plate from having direct contact with the concrete pad in order to prevent moisture from being drawn up through the pad and into the lumber.

Trick: When placing the concrete anchors, either the L bolts or lag shields, mark a length of 2 X 4 with the position of the studs, lay it beside the concrete pad and insert the concrete bolts between marks.
Use a large washer on the head of the lag bolt to avoid drawing the lag bolt through the lumber.
Cadmium plated or galvanized bolts will work, but for a longer life consider using stainless steel. This allows for expansion and contraction of both the concrete pad and the bottom wood plate..

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