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02 Nov. 2007

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The term ‘value’ can be a tricky word for a homeowner to apply toward any major purchase decision; and, when shopping for new kitchen cabinets, this same term can be elusive if the homeowner is not aware of that which constitutes value in cabinetry. The quickest means to evaluate the construction of the cabinet is to remove one of the drawers.
If you have the luxury of putting your hands on a single, un-mounted cabinet, put a hand on opposing sides of the cabinet and try to twist the box (the drawer, if applicable, should be pulled out or removed when attempting this).
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Built from quality materials and hand assembled, our cabinet construction process results in semi-custom cabinets that look custom.
Rounded face frames keep hands scrape free and duplicate the appearance of fine furniture, giving your cabinetry that extra touch of luxury. Rounded face frames keep hands scrape free and duplicate the appearance of fine furniture giving your cabinetry that extra touch of luxury.
Cabinet doors include concealed Whisper Touch Hinges which close doors softly and quietly, plus are adjustable six ways for the perfect alignment.
Basically speaking, the buyer has to decide if the quality (materials used and construction techniques) of the cabinet warrants the price of the cabinet–and this is referred to as, ‘value’.
Let’s explore a few of the more common construction features and materials used in cabinet making in order to give you a working knowledge of what to look for and what to expect when you start viewing cabinet products.

Higher-end cabinetry will be either solid, uniform wood entirely, or solid wood with additional use of plywood; and these cabinets will be referred to as, ‘solid wood’. Ideally, these joints are dovetailed (appears to be interlocking puzzle-type pieces), as these are the strongest joints achieved in cabinet making and indicate (typically) that care was taken in putting the thing together. Woodworks is also a manufacturer member of the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Skillful craftsmen construct long-lasting, quality cabinets that will stand the test of time in your home.
Rabbet and Dado joints are more common in mass-produced cabinetry; and it behooves you to familiarize yourself with these fastening methods as it will assist you in making a sound evaluation of the cabinet construction. The Whisper Touch System is one of the many standard quality features on KraftMaid Cabinetry. These ‘engineered composites’ of wood products are inferior, by design, to that of solid wood and plywood; but, they are used in cabinetry to hit a price point that can’t be achieved by utilizing higher cost materials.
Rabbet joints, for example, are quick and easy to produce, but are also considered the most inferior method of joint construction. What you want to see is additional solid wood bracing of some fashion that assists in supporting the integrity of the panel-to-panel construction. Plywood is also an ‘engineered’ (made and designed by man) product, but is often more resistant to warping and checking than solid wood—and is more cost-effective to include in a quality cabinet.

The placement of this bracing, again, indicates that extra time and costs were invested in this product and, therefore, commands a greater cost than those cabinets that don’t have such bracing. Standard on cabinets with lux door style and optional on cabinets with all other door styles.
Make sure to ask the salesperson which materials are used to construct the cabinet, drawers and shelves, as this is the first step in qualifying the value of the product.
As you answer these questions, keep in mind that the high-end cabinets have solid wood on the back and sides of the drawers that is the same species as the drawer face; and, yes, they will have some level of finish on them. The adjustability of a shelf is not necessarily a measure of the quality of the cabinet, but the rigidity and quality of the material of a shelf is certainly a factor.
The more of these features that are present in the drawer, the higher the quality of the cabinet.
Lastly, look to see if the fasteners used in the cabinet are screw or air-driven finish nails. While both fasteners are additionally supported with adhesives, screws indicate that more care has been provided in the construction of the cabinet.

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