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If you compare pics of the 2 styles, at the edges the slab is just as thin, if not thinner, than the veneer is overall. Actually Rosewood was introduced by Fender for competition reasons; most guitars at the time had rosewood fretboards so Fender started doing them too to reach that part of the market that didn't like changes. Most, if not all guitars had rosewood or other dark wood fretboards until Fender came up with maple. I can't think of any other quality manufacturer other than Fender who laminated a thin rosewood veneer over a curved neck face to create a fingerboard.
The experts need to weigh in here, but I seem to recall reading that Fender went to a rosewood fingerboard because of complaints about how the maple necks showed wear.

The reason the original slab boards are more desireable to collectors is because they weren't made for very long, i think people confuse that with it being better in some way. Also, the slab board and the contrasty three-tone sunburst were only available together for about a year to a year and a half in 1961 and 1962.
It's hard for me to believe that a little fraction of an inch's worth of wood makes all that much difference in tone, but I can believe that the price of Brazilian Rosewood, ca. From what I'm getting above, it appears a slab board can be what I thought would be veneer. They decided to use slab board construction but figured they could change it to round-lam construction if they ran into the same problems that Leo had run into 20 years earlier without having to change the model name.

Of course the slab construction worked fine with modern glues and finishes so they have retained the slab board on the AV '62 Strats.
The reply was that calling the rosewood 'board re-issue Stratocaster a '62 gave them the option of slab or rounded lam fingerboard construction with no obligation to change the model nomenclature.

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