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Once carpenters were judged by how skilled they were by the projects they had worked on, the tools in their tool boxes and by their ability to build steps. Place the square along the edge of the stringer and mark out the 5 steps beginning at the end. Use a circular saw to cut out the steps and square up the ends of the stringer to the steps. You may find it necessary to drill pilot holes to keep from spitting the wood when screwing them down. Calculating the step dimensions, laying out stringers and building a sturdy set of deck stairs.
Whether you're replacing an old, rickety set of deck stairs or building a set for your new deck, deck stairs are among the most challenging projects for the average do-it-yourselfer to tackle.

One little mistake in calculations or layout and you'll wind up wasting lots of expensive wood, or worse, you'll build a downright dangerous set of stairs. But building a strong, safe set of stairs is doable if you meticulously follow the layout and cutting rules outlined in this story. You almost always have to design site-built stairs yourself because the number and height of the steps will vary with the landscape. Despite the skill level, building porch steps is still within the capabilities of the average do-it-yourselfer.
That will give you the run (or length) of steps from the face of the porch to the end of the steps.
But in this story, we'll make it easy by showing you how to estimate step dimensions, layout and cut stair stringers, and assemble the stair parts.

Photo 8 shows a simple, foolproof, extra-strong method that works especially well even for open-sided stairs built without skirts. These DIY steps will work for replacing an old set of stairs and for building stairs on a brand new deck.

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