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Simple sheet Balsa wood is used with the model construction based on the flat deck which is placed upside down and the bulkheads glued to it upside down. The hull would be a good base for you to design your own superstructure on making her a Pilot Boat, Motor Gun Boat, Harbour Launch etc. This is a model of one of Selway Fisher's most popular canoe designs - she was originally designed for a client in Australia who wanted a lightweight canoe to explore the outback with..
The Selway Fisher Little Kate open canoe is a modification of the classic John Rushton Wee Lassie design which he was producing over a hundred years ago. The name 'Peterborough' was often used to describe any open Canadian type canoe but more especially those with a lightly rockered hull which had a moderate beam and some tumblehome.
Although this model may be built using plank over frame (Balsa or thin plywood), the principle method of construction shown on the drawings is for stitch and tape (tack and tape).

This is a 1:10 scale model of one of Selway Fisher's most popular designs - originally designed for Paul Fisher himself, she has been built all over the world in both plywood and Cedar strip plank. Tissue and Dope is a tested and true way to seal balsa model boat hulls while adding strength.
To be specific, there really is more than one method, and there are variations of the method that applies better to airplane wings than boats. The Balsa centre girder is slotted and glued in place followed by the chines before the sheet balsa plank is glued to the framework. This how-to gives step-by-step instruction for sealing balsa with rice paper and cellulose lacquer. The method used to be so common in model building that nobody bothered to properly document the process.

The first boat used a low cost Futuba Attack 2 ER two channel radio control unit which was easily fitted and set up. Neither will bleed with dope, so either will work fine for our purposes.If you’re thinking of doing a lot of models, and want to stock up, consider getting a bulk pack from Uline or Xpedx.

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