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Part of the Liu family, four brothers who made their initial fortune in the feed industry starting in the 1980s, when Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms were taking route in the countryside. Real estate developer, cell phone provider, retailer, major supplier of electricity to Hong Kong and the world's largest operator of container terminals.
His father, Rong Yiren, who died in October 2005, played a critical role in opening up China to the world through his China International Trust & Investment Corp.

Now mobile phone carriers take aim at Apple, planning their own MP3 services, but Jobs trumps them with new iTunes-branded Motorola phone. Microsoft aims to be omnipotent, selling software for PCs, servers, cell phones, television set-top boxes, gaming consoles, the Web. Citic Pacific owns 26% of Cathay Pacific Airways and is a partner of Wal-Mart in the Shanghai area.

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