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Having paid the sum of ONE Pound on account of the General Revenue of the Colony, I hereby License him to mine or dig for Gold, reside at, or carry on, or follow any trade or calling, except that of Storekeeper, on such Crown Lands within the Colony of Victoria as shall be assigned to him for these purposes by any one duly authorised in that behalf. These house plans were produced by the State Savings Bank of Victoria (VA 1041) and are a few examples of the different and versatile designs that this financial institution had on offer to their clients. The State Savings Bank of Victoria provided many services, one of them being a credit foncier facility for mortgage loans and sale of debentures. As an Access Services Officer and an employee of Public Record Office Victoria for the last 18 years I have seen a vast variety of records which I have found both fascinating and interesting. You can determine whether PROV holds permit records for the council you are seeking by navigating to the relevant council Agency page on PROV’s online catalogue.

If you find a relevant council on the online catalogue navigate to the Records list on the Agency page and scan the list for a permit series, then read the ordering instructions on the series page. I was very encouraged to find this site about State Bank of Victoria House Plans and Designs.
By 1911 well known Collins Street architects Messrs, Ashworth and Oakley had submitted a proposal to convert the Church ‘into a public hall in biograph entertainment’, of which the board had no objection save for a few stipulations for its conversion.
As the years went on the Dux Picture Theatre was required by the Public Health Department to make many alterations for the safety of its visitors.
As the years progressed the theatre again came up against issues with the Public Health Department regarding more overcrowding and proposed alterations to the building, which appear to have been rectified over time.

From the 1920s the State Savings Bank of Victoria built homes for people of small means, this included the Garden City Estate at Fisherman’s Bend at Port Melbourne. Before its grand opening as a picture theatre in 1912, rigorous inspections were underway to make it safe for the general public to frequent.

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