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Buying and reselling iPhones is a great way to make some extra cash inside your cell phone repair shops. You already have the repair technicians and spare parts for most repairs as well as customers who want to buy them for international use or their prepaid cell phone service. For newer models of iPhones, the IMEI, MEID or ESN and model number is directly on the back of the phone.
It’s a good idea to have a few inactive SIM cards for each carrier laying around your shop.
Check network unlock status for iPhone via IMEIĀ – This can run a little slow, but it is free (can run a few checks a day) and is consistently up. Of the 1,258 iPhones we bought back last month that were specifically said to be locked to a specific carrier by the end user, 7% (88 phones) were actually fully network unlocked via IMEI. Of the 1,258 iPhones we bought back last month, 3% (37 phones) had an Apple Care Warranty still active on the handset.

If the customer doesn’t mind, before handing over the cash, do a factory restore and ensure the phone can get back to the main menu activation. All the iPhones that end-users had were AT&T and they could be unlocked via a cheap IMEI submission or software process. Our standard rule is: no matter how certain one might be, we always look up the phone model to be sure. Sometimes a $50 fee might apply for shipping and processing, but depending on what price you bought the phone for and the defects that it might have, it can be well worth it! This fluctuates, but sometimes you can buy a severely beat up phone from a client for little to nothing, pay the high surcharge from Apple, and get a new or refurbished phone back and make some good money. Enjoy the mobile industry with specialization in buybacks for used mobile phones and broken LCD screens.
You should ONLY check ESN and IMEIs DIRECTLY from one of the big four’s activation websites.

IMEI unlocking for GSM carriers won’t show any difference in the model number, serial number or other settings (easily detected) by doing such an unlock. The value of IMEI unlocking your device will drastically increase the resale value of the device. In many cases, the phones will boot to the main menu and, unless checked under settings, will become a paperweight the moment you restore the device (or worse, after you’ve resold it and your customer tries to upgrade).

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