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Cuba has seduced, bewitched, and betrayed countless souls throughout its colourful history. As expected in a communist state, marriage in Cuba is a fairly cut and dried affair with a clutch of bureaucratic rules you have to adhere to. If you are widowed, you will need your marriage certificate and the death certificate of your deceased spouse. Please note that all these documents, or notarized copies of such, must be translated into Spanish and then legalized or notarized at the Cuban consulate in Canada nearest you. For marriages in Cuba, if you as the foreigner are unable to physically attend the marriage ceremony you may appoint a representative through the Cuban consulate in Canada. In Cuba, your civil marriage application will take place at a quasi-private entity run by the Justice Ministry of Cuba and called Consultoria Juridica Internacional, S. You should arrive at their offices with all the above-listed documentation as well as with 2 adult witnesses who are not related to either you or your Cuban partner.
You will have to pay several fees and a stamp fee and will be given 3 copies of your marriage certificate. A civil marriage: Where a judge, justice of the peace, or an authorized municipal clerk marries you.
A marriage licence: To get a marriage licence you will need 2 pieces of government ID, one of which is a photo ID.
Next you must get your marriage certificate, which is a document with the details of a marriage performed in Ontario.

There are 2 main options when sponsoring your Cuban partner; from within Canada or inland, or from abroad or overseas. Overseas applications are usually processed more quickly, but any interview required will have to be done at the visa office abroad that serves the applicant’s country of origin, Cuba in this case. Your spouse or common-law partner then has to fill out the forms specific to the region from which they are applying, in this case Cuba.
Remember, while sponsorship is how to ensure your Cuban partner is able to join you and live with you in Canada, you must submit a complete and accurate application to give them a good chance of being accepted. You may believe that you have found your perfect match during a vacation or business trip to the island, but before you get married to your Cuban partner, and start the process of sponsoring them, a word of caution. Practically anyone can be married in Cuba, regardless of nationality or place of residence, as long as they have the required documentation.
As a Canadian that means obtaining a statement in-lieu of certification of non-impediment to marriage abroad. The representative is granted by you the power to represent you at your wedding by means of a notarized letter in Canada, which is then authorized by the Cuban consulate, and sent to Cuba. To obtain a marriage certificate, your marriage has to be registered by the official who performed the marriage.
With inland applications, your Cuban partner, assuming he or she is already living in Canada on a temporary visa, should not leave the country because if any problems come up when they re-enter Canada, they may be disqualified. A survey by Canadian immigration officials in Havana of the marriage and immigration records pertaining to Cuban-Canadian couples who were married in Cuba and moved to Canada, found that about 25% were fraudulent marriages, or “marriages of convenience”.

This is called “the publication of banns.”  If you or your spouse have been married before, banns cannot be published and you must instead get a marriage certificate. You must send the request to the Authentication and Service of Documents section of Foreign Affairs before you depart for Cuba, to ensure that you have the statement in-lieu of with you when you travel.
In choosing between inland or overseas applications, if your Cuban partner will need to travel outside of Canada during the application, an outland application may be best. Canada’s immigration laws concerning sponsorships were tightened up in part because of the high proportion of sham marriages emanating from Cuba, as well as the Dominican Republic. Alternatively, you can apply for one from your local government of Canada office abroad in Cuba, which would be the Canadian embassy in Havana. This means that nowadays, you may very well be subject to an interview by Canadian immigration officials to ascertain the validity of your marriage, should you marry a Cuban national and apply to sponsor them. As a cautionary tale, go here to hear stories of Canadians duped into sham marriages and used by their partners to enter into Canada.

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