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My goateed interlocutor smirked as he told me I could try looking for the doctor at the complex built for the previous dam, 15 kilometers downstream.
I realized that the photos of the dry sites might have been taken before the Pocinho Dam, which had flooded them, had even been completed – over 12 years before! So it's true, I thought, drowning the site was Rebanda's solution to the problem of ownership of photographic rights. The numbed waters suddenly spangled upstream with glitter and so many flowery white tresses of water plants that the currents looked like sudsy pastures. It must have seemed like an insult to him after all his efforts, so with an anarchic gesture, he announced, what the hell, he'd photocopy their fax when it came, so we could enter a second. Regardless of how old the Coa’s art turns out to be, it is unique in its richness above ground and astonishing in its illustrations of movement - with animals tossing their heads with the same stop-action dynamism found at Chauvet and only millennia later in photography and Futurist painting.

By holding the animal's form and movement vividly in mind, the maker had poured himself into its body and experienced a power beyond abstraction, beyond even tool-making, to thrill to the new power of passing through the looking-glass into another being.
But, finally, a secretary answered my summons and let me into a vestibule empty except for a display of postcard-sized photographs of some of the engravings, and a cartoon caricaturing the scandal - which I reckoned had been knowingly posted to co-opt criticism.
Rebanda was even fooling himself on this score, I thought - after all, the Foz Coa photographs would probably end up belonging to Portugal’s own ministry or even the EDP. She announced that it was no use disturbing the doctor, who I could see through a jarred door talking to someone over the phone with peevish vehemence. Finally, I suggested that she didn't need to keep me company while I waited for the good doctor to get off the phone. That's strange, I thought as I wandered off again, mulling over a mental photograph of the site distribution.

La Pintura, The Official Newsletter of the American Rock Art Research Association (Member of IFRAO) Volume 21, Number 3, Winter. At least not that I know of bee off to work soon I'm considering leading my own truck have another lead on a driving job from yesterday will be looking into it today after I'm done painting.

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