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The phone directory is one of the most popular and widely used business directories in the world.
You can get a free copy of the phone directory from the county office in each covered locality. It is recommended to consult the yellow pages or phone directories to find products and services you need for your home and business. Once you have a land-line number for your business clients, you will have to contact the yellow pages sales office in your area.
The most basic directory listing will allow you to display the business name, phone number and official address.

AT&T allows its customers to change the font size and colours for a basic directory listing. Since the phone directory is designed to list each category by business name, it is extremely easy to list your business and find services that meet your needs.
Finding the telephone number for the telephone directory or yellow pages is extremely easy. The phone directory is updated annually to include new business phone numbers in the country. If you choose a better package, you will be allowed to add your website information and company details and photos.

Having your phone number in the directory can have very good effect on your business sales and reputation.
Consider visiting the website from where you can get the toll free number to talk to one of the sales and customer service members.

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