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Raleigh traffic engineers expected an increase in crashes when the Hillsborough and Pullen roundabout opened last year. According to city documents provided to the Record, there were 60 low-severity crashes between July 1, 2010 and May 15, 2011. More than half of the accidents occurred on the eastbound corner of Hillsborough Street and Pullen Street. Because Hillsborough Street is state-owned, the city applied – and exceeded – state standards for traffic devices like signage and markings to lessen the anticipated confusion. Niffenegger said that when the department realized that the majority of the crashes were happening on the eastbound side of Hillsborough, they installed more flags and signage. Reducing this to a one-lane roundabout will be less of an issue once Hillsborough is eventually restriped or rebuilt between the roundabouts at Pullen and Morgan. If the plan is a complete reconstruction of everything from the roadbed up, including new curb and gutter, wider sidewalks, bulb-outs, improved lighting, and buried utilities (similar to what they did from Gardner to Oberlin) then it will cost millions, and should be weighed in terms of priority against the other segments of Hillsborough (Gorman to Rosemary and Rosemary to Gardner.) In this case, my vote goes Rosemary-Gardner as needing the improvement first, then Oberlin-Morgan, then Gorman-Rosemary, in that order. The controversial Hillsborough Lofts project, one that has come up quite frequently in this space was the recipient December 9 of seven separate permits totaling $6.1 million.
Hillsborough Lofts is just one of a number of new structures changing the landscape of the street. The Hillsborough Lofts will be constructed by local company Fountainhead Design & Build.
Once complete, the Hillsborough Lofts will offer 24 residential units and ground-floor retail. The new library wasn’t the only public improvement project to procure permits that week, as four were issued to G&G Builders of Wendell for work at the EM Johnson Water Treatment Plant on Falls of Neuse Road in North Raleigh.

It hasn’t been a good year for Dunkin’ Donuts in Raleigh — both the original Capital Boulevard location and the Hillsborough Street storefront have shuttered their doors.
The Law and Public Safety committee met Tuesday to discuss the expansion policy of the Municipal Service District. Exemptions must come from a resolution by City Council and a public hearing must be held to take into account the opinions of the neighborhood in which the exemption will take place. Seven members from the public spoke at the meeting regarding this issue and comments were wide-ranging. When the item was brought back to the table, councilors and city staff had a lengthy discussion about the issues the public had raised. City staff explained that the definition of ‘need’ should include the maintenance of revitalized property, and that the expansion was implemented to maintain the same quality of experience on Hillsborough Street when traveling to downtown and Cameron Village.
Both councilors Baldwin and Maiorano wanted additional information from staff regarding issues that the public had raised. One of the other new building permits to be issued last week was for a project we first discussed more than a year ago, and concerns a new five-story, 14,316 square-foot* residential mixed-use project at 2304 Hillsborough Street. One interesting thing about this project (given the countless number residential mixed-use jobs on Hillsborough, one interesting thing is about all I can hope for) is that when it first came before the Planning Commission in September 2014, it was delayed so the developers could speak with the Citizens Advisory Council in the area. Oh — and before I forget, this new mixed-use project at 2304 Hillsborough will have 12 residential units. In 1993, a "Park Interpretive and Community Center with a strong component for education" was recommended as part of the overall 1993 Lake Johnson Master Plan.
A public input process for the center was held between October 2012 and February 2013; City Council officially approved the plans in April 2013.

As drivers come around the circle — from either Ferndell Lane or westbound on Hillsborough – they are colliding with cars coming eastbound on Hillsborough who don't realize that drivers could go south onto Pullen. Switch it so that westbound on Hillsborough, the left lane is the through lane instead of the right lane. The plan is, I think, to turn that stretch of Hillsborough from a five-lane configuration into a three-lane configuration with parallel parking on the side.
Controversial as it was, the project did manage to move along at a relatively good clip — planning commission recommended it for approval in April, and building permits were issued in December.
And while this reporter has no particular nostalgia for the Hillsborough Street of old, he can imagine that every year more and more former college students who return to visit the area in hopes of rekindling memories of years past will instead find themselves crushed by a sense of impermanence and alienation. And while the Capital Boulevard spot sits empty, likely awaiting a city bulldozer, the Hillsborough location will soon be filled by a restaurant calling itself Freshii. At the meeting, staff outlined the language for the benefit of the members of the public who were present.
Councilor Baldwin noted they were dealing with two things — the policy itself and the expansion — and she wanted input from the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation about why certain areas were included. The Midtown Scholar Bookstore out of Harrisburg has available for sale a catalog published in 1917 by "Raleigh: Southern School Supply Company" and titled "School Supplies.
They also force cars to move more slowly through the intersection, which keeps the severity of the crash low, as seen with the accidents on Hillsborough Street.

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