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When you have searched for disconnected phone numbers you may get more information than just the name, address and current phone number of the person in question.
It’s easy to find out the new phone number and address of someone with a disconnected line using an online records search database. A private investigator could find out for you, but why go through the expense and hassle of hiring one when all the information you want is just a few clicks away.
All you need to do is enter the phone number that was disconnected and it will give you the name and address and current number of the person who used to have the line.

I found out recently that my best friend from college had moved suddenly and not left a forwarding address and had all her phones disconnected. It is highly recommended that you read through these reviews before making a final decision on which website to choose for your search of disconnected phone numbers. I was desperate to find her to make sure she was okay, but nobody knew anything about what had happened. Online database search services have access to thousands of private and public records that allow you to find out how to get in touch with someone with a disconnected phone number.

After you have entered the disconnected phone numbers you will be given a report chock full of useful things to know about them. I ran the last phone number that I had for her through one of the online databases and I was finally able to find out that she had moved clear across the country to get away from a bad relationship.

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