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MilitaryHomeStore advertises off-base military homes for sale and for rent near United States military bases. PERSIMMON Homes South Coast has announced a recruitment drive to retrain up to 500 ex-military personnel a year into construction industry jobs. The housebuilder has announced a recruitment drive to bring ex-military personnel into the business to help fight the skills shortage in the construction industry. The housebuilder is working with Nordic Focus Training, to retrain the personnel from the Army, Royal Navy and RAF in bricklaying and joinery across its 24 regional businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. Alongside trainee bricklayers and joiners, the company is also directly employing other staff with a military background into sales and management roles.

The first armor to arrive had been commanded by Leclerc in WWII and consisted of a reconnaissance squadron of M8 armored cars, a squadron of US supplied M5A1 Stuart light tanks and a provisional military in half tracks.
However, GIs being who they are, they hustled and adapted rapidly, as it would turn out, with tremendous foresight.The 11th focused its preparations for war on the M113 armored personnel carrier (APC). The 11th felt confident in its ability to collect intelligence, reinforce rapidly from its own resources, and employ its own artillery using its own howitzers.The 11th brought 51 M48A3 90mm-gun tanks and 296 M113 personnel carriers.
Support personnel left by commercial air in late August for San Francisco and Oakland Army Terminal.
You might inflict heavy damage, but you will not defeat the Blackhorses.There is a wonderful interview video of Fritz presented by the Pritzker Military Library.

Presented by US Army Center of Military HistoryThey would also refuel while on patrol by employing hand pumps attached to aerially-delivered fuel blivets placed on the ground.

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