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One of the more popular Excel tutorial requests is how do you look up a value on one Excel worksheet and use it on another Excel worksheet. After you click OK, Excel’s Function Arguments dialog appears and allows you to define the four values. Rule 3 - When referencing a lookup table, you don’t want your cell references to change when you drag and fill to populate the other cells with the VLOOKUP function. Col_index_num – This is the number of the column on your lookup table that has the information you need.

Range-lookup – this field defines how close a match should exist between your Lookup_value (C2) and the value in the leftmost column on our lookup table. VLOOKUP is a powerful Excel function that can leverage spreadsheet data from other sources. The function panel may seem intimidating with the terms, but it’s simpler than it looks.
Add your new column on your original worksheet that will display the info pulled from the Lookup table.

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