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A handbook that covers the practical and emotional issues facing divorced fathers today, by media psychologist, divorce and custody expert, Dr. Divorce can be an opportunity for tremendous healing and growth, but newly divorced fathers need the insights of those who have been through the experience.
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Leving is interested not only in pointing out potential legal pitfalls and common problems for divorced dads. His belief is that “just about everyone has the ability and the desire to be a good divorced dad.” The book addresses everything from how to smartly observe kids for danger signs and how to handle new significant others in both the dad’s and the ex-wife’s life, to dealing with splitting assets and dealing effectively with money matters. In addition to dismantling the cooperation ploy, Leving also says it’s a misconception that joint custody is too difficult to obtain, and he offers other factors that dads can bring up to their lawyers or the judge, including the preferences of both parents, environmental stability, whether violence has ever been a part of a parent’s life, his and her mental and physical health, and their lifestyles – all of which he says can be turned in favor of getting dads more time with their kids. Leving offers a how-to manual for fathers who are faced with negotiating the often rocky terrain of divorce and child custody. He also creates a kind of self-help offering for his readers, arguing that many divorced fathers don’t file for joint-custody or try to be involved in their children’s lives because they convince themselves their kids are better off without them.
Condrell's BE A GREAT DIVORCED DAD is filled with the guidance and support that single dads need to not only tackle the emotional and logistical dilemmas of divorce, but to become-- or remain-- loving, effective parents. He works to dispel that misconception and argues persuasively that involved dads make for happier men – and children.

One of his main goals is to give men good questions to bring to their lawyers, and to alert them to problem areas that even good divorce lawyers can miss. Many dads also wonder how to balance the interests of their children, and avoid freaking them out while still enjoying a healthy love life. In this situation but also after a divorce everyone seems to have advice for when the particular right time to get back out there is. Dad columnist Armin Brott says, “You never know when there will be an emergency, when you’ll have to leave a date or cancel—and that might make her jealous.” Oftentimes, single dads want to date someone with kids.

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