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Japan Will Release Innocent Man After Spending 46 Years in Death Row; Guinness World Records’ ’Longest-Serving Death Row Inmate’ Is NOT GUILTY! A Japanese court ordered on Tuesday the release and retrial of the world's longest serving inmate who was sentenced to death in 1968.
Iwao Hakamada, 78, was convicted of murdering a family of four in 1966 and burning their home in central Japan where he stayed as a live-in employee.
Of his 48 years in jail, Hakamada has spent almost 46 years in death row, making him Guinness World Records' longest-serving inmate of such kind. 1,431 years after the birth of our dear Lord, when there reigned in Portugal the Infant Don Pedro, the infant Don Henry, the King of Portugal’s brother, had fitted out two vessels and found with all that was needed for two years, in order to find out what was beyond the St.
According to Marco Polo’s records, the longitudinal extent of the Old World, from Lisbon to the east coast of China, is approximately 142°. Sir John Mandeville: Jean de Bourgogne, a learned physician of Liege, declared on his death-bed (in 1475) that his real name was Jean de Mandeville, but that having killed a nobleman he had been obliged to flee England, his native country, and live in concealment.

Behaim, of course, enjoyed many opportunities for examining the charts brought home by seamen not only, but also other curious maps, whose existence has been recorded although the maps themselves have long since disappeared. Behaim had access, likewise, to valuable collections of books and maps, most important among which was the library of the famous Johann Muller of Konigsberg (Monteregio), who at the time of his death was engaged upon a revised edition of Ptolemy, which he intended to illustrate with modern maps, including one of the entire world.
Shizuoka District Court decided Thursday, March 27, 2014 to release the man on death row for more than 30 years in a high-profile murder case based on new DNA evidence.
The globe by Behaim was designed to demonstrate the ease with which one could sail westward to Japan and China, to the Zipangu and Cathay of Marco Polo. The court suspended the death sentence for 78-year-old Hakamada and ordered him released after 48 years behind bars. From a record on the globe itself, placed within the Antarctic Circle, we learn that the work was undertaken on the authority of three distinguished citizens, Gabriel Nutzel, Paul Volckamer, and Nikolaus Groland. Johann Schoner, in 1532, was paid ?5 for “renovating” this map and for compiling a new one, recording the discoveries that had been made since the days of Behaim.

His contemporary, the printer, Valentin Ferdinand, was thus enabled not only to consult the manuscript Chronicle of Azurara, and the records of Cadamosto (credited with the discovery of the Azores) and Pedro de Cintra (his account of a voyage to Guinea), but also to gather much valuable information from Portuguese travelers who had visited Guinea. Beyond it, though a good deal can be paralleled in the two other contemporary sources, Soligo and Martellus (#256), there are elements peculiar to Behaim, e.g.
As a result numerous place-names have been corrupted past recognition, and if one desires to recover the original nomenclature of the globe we must deal with it as a palimpsest.

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