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The only way is to get actual phone numbers and have the calls redirected to your phone number through a non-IP based system.
To inquire about this ad listing, complete the form below to send a message to the ad poster. For each account, you need to be verified with a different phone number before starting to post.
Obviously if you can use the store phone numbers and employee phone numbers - some of which may be family. What is more, the system keeps track of when you used a template and does not allow re-using of it for 2 days.

So, you need multiple phone numbers - quite a few - depending on how many cars you want to post per day.
Unless your store is right next to a public phone booth (or two) you can forget about this. You may wonder if the phone number needs to be close to the city you are trying to post to.
You can actually save phone numbers in the system so that you will not need to remember what number to use with what account. For example, if you do not see any Chevrolet Colorado getting through for some time (by searching for it on Craigslist) and when you try to post it does not show up, just do not use that word next time you post.

For example, if you write your phone number twice in the post, it will probably not be seen by other people. In this page you can find some tips for increasing your chances of getting thorough the filters. Because you need to do phone verification so often a lot of the ways that used to work are not applicable anymore.

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