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Although he had played no direct role in the trial and execution of King Charles I, Peter’s reputation and strong association with the Cromwellian regime resulted in his arrest at the Restoration on charges of treason. In 1645 he obtained a title to lands in southeastern Connecticut and founded there in 1646 what is now New London, whither he removed in 1650. Old Town Mill New London Connecticut – Build to John Winthrop 1650, Burned down by Benedict Arnold, but restored and is open to visitors. New London tried to lure him back, but in May of 1657 he was elected governor of the Connecticut Colony , and moved to Hartford.
Governor John Winthrop was sent to England in 1661 as the agent of the Connecticut Colony, to obtain a charter. Winthrop returned to Connecticut in 1663, and in 1664, he assisted in Charles II’s surprise seizure of the Dutch New Netherlands (Manhattan Island). King Phillip’s War had caused the  Besides being Governor of Connecticut, he was also in 1675 one of the commissioners of the United Colonies of New England convened in Boston in the fall of 1675, and the deliberations went into the spring of 1676.

But the Connecticut Colony had been established without an authorized charter, though with permission of the government of the Bay Colony, in answer to church differences and crowding in the Bay Colony. Winthrop was introduced to Lord Saye’s friends, and soon had made many friends for the cause of the Connecticut Colony. This placed Connecticut in an awkward position — a colony of Puritans, with no real legal status. He decided in 1667 that he needed to leave the governorship and devote time to his own businesses, but the Connecticut Colony refused his resignation and exempted him from some taxes, to persuade him to stay in office.
Nearly 200 years after, Charles Hatchett (1801) analyzed the specimen, to discover a new element called Columbium (Cb = #41)  John had previously acquired some mineral rights in Connecticut, but in the 1650s, he obtained even more.
The charter also merged the New Haven Colony (which also had no legal status) with the Connecticut Colony. He tried to resign again in October of 1670, but the Connecticut Colony again refused to grant his request, raising his salary and giving him land as a further enticement to stay.

Winthrop, however, remained in England and was still in London when his father presented his petition for the establishment of a Connecticut colony. While the cost of exploration and development was his, the knowledge he gained about the deposits benefited the Colony of Connecticut.
Discussions were held between the two colonies, until the Colony of Connecticut officially took over the government in 1664. Among them was Robert Treat, who ultimately returned to Connecticut and served as its governor from 1683 until 1698.

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