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Were it not for DLI and its predecessor organizations – IFI, NID, AIL – the EPA would have outlawed the use of Perc many years ago before there were viable alternatives and OSHA would have established a PEL for Perc that was unattainable without replacing existing equipment. Since EnviroForensics & Policy Find (they locate old insurance policies) is located in Indiana and works primarily in states that do not have a state-led cleanup program, some of the issues discussed in the articles may not directly apply in North Carolina. As if it had telepathically received his thoughts, the dog threw its squat body at the window again and resumed barking. There were two other people in the waiting room watching a sit-com on a TV set mounted high on one wall.  A computer keyboard responded with almost silent spastic rhythms to its operator somewhere beyond a set of sliding glass windows set in the wall.
The big, blonde haole had been generous with the grin, and the grin itself was a thing of versatility, radiating all kinds of signals, some pleasant but most slimy. She saw in the policeman’s eyes a new reverence, then as if to gain fresh insight into its secrets, Officer C.
Another moment flew by, a tense one, like after a gun shot.  Lani gripped the phone tighter and, with as much assurance as she could muster, replied, “I had a flat tire .

Unable to locate a water fountain, or a container in which to carry the water in, Lani bought Don Ho a diet soda from the machine out in the hallway.  She carried it outside.
Instead, Lani saw a trim, middle-aged Asian of indiscriminate gender, dressed in an impeccable linen suit, sitting on the fender of a black Corvette, staring off into the distant night, with its leg swinging in a lazy rhythm, shoeless. It slid from the sculptured fender, straightened the crease in its pants and stepped toward Lani. Its voice, just the tone startled Lani, the fact that it was neither male or female, but both, added as much significance as if it were broadcast through a huge loudspeaker, large enough to vibrate her bones, & directed by none other than the oh-so-subtle Mr. If you need  to pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually instead of annually, that can be arranged.
He is an accomplished insurance archeologist with extensive experience in locating and retrieving insurance coverage evidence on behalf of potentially responsible parties responding to environmental investigation and remediation demands. Don Ho hovered over the can, licking its top, tipped it over and began slurping the pop as it poured out.  After another moment he looked up at her again, belched, and walked away, his pugged nose close to the ground, sniffing loudly.

We need your support now, more than ever, to continue to do for you what you cannot do for yourself alone. He suggested that the dry cleaner hire an insurance archeologist to see what insurance might be located elsewhere.
Ask your attorney about how insurance archeology can help you locate the records you need to defend against environmental claims.

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