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Primary sources were created at or close to the time of the event by someone with personal knowledge of the event (for example, a birth date provided by the family doctor for the birth certificate). If the record you are seeing is a photocopy, digital copy, or microfilm copy of the original source, then it is likely to be a valid representation. Compiled records (which include abstracts, transcriptions, indexes, and published family histories) are more likely to have missing information or transcription errors. As the morning progressed, I became grateful that I had heeded the promptings of the night before, as my sister made it clear that my brother and I were no longer welcome in what was now her home and that we would never receive any of moms pictures or records. In the year that followed, I was able to meet with and record oral histories with each of the ten individuals. As the keeper of the record, I seek to fulfill my role by carefully using the time I have available to record, manage, organize, extend, and expand my family tree. When you find information that doesn't provide you a source for the database or website, ask yourself what kind of record could have supplied the information.

My mind began to fill with names, with the instruction that I should talk to and record my interview with each person.
From conducting oral histories to searching the lands of my ancestors, I have become the keeper of the record.
Whenever you find a record on the web that relates you to your family, look for a source of the data. For example, if it's an exact date of birth, then the source is most likely a birth certificate or tombstone inscription.
These built-in quality checks help you quickly identify questionable data, such as very young girls or elderly women giving birth. If it is an approximate year of birth, then it may have come from a census record or marriage record.
If the source is a microfilm record, you will most likely be able to secure the original from your local family history center, where the film can be borrowed and viewed.

At the bottom of the drawer was a sack filled with Mom's important papers, such as her birth certificate, marriage license, photographs, and other documents. You can go to almost any Internet search engine today and within a few minutes find hundreds of questionable "facts." I've seen the same birth recorded as happening in Florida in the 1600s and in Utah in the early 1800s. I've seen records of mothers who supposedly gave birth to children at the age of five, as well as twenty-two-year-old grandfathers.

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